What is the most deceptive sin there is? PROCRASTINATION

What is the most deceptive sin there is? Adultery? Blasphemy? Murder? Do you know? These are all sins that can be visually seen. Procrastination (Omission) is the most deceptive sin there is. Anyone that accepts Jesus Christ and doesn’t do what they know they should do and does what they know they should not do is committing sin.


There are many areas beyond what was mentioned that procrastination destroys. The most important thing you must always remember and why procrastination is the most deceptive sin there is. Is, where would you be if Jesus Christ procrastinated on the way to the cross or in anything he has done to save you? What are you procrastinating about that is not allowing you to get closer to God? I pray that you press into your relationship with him so you can know that removing procrastination from your life can bring you the greatest love you will ever know just as Jesus did. 

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  1. This was a message I needed to hear as well. Just a little added thought on this. Do we sometimes procrastinate because of the cost of moving to action. Walking with the Lord is going to cost you something. It may be just the time spent or it could be a financial cost. Maybe you are well aware that ounce you make that move, you know God wants you to make, members of your very church family will tell you that you don’t have the education or skills to do that. To realize Gods mission for your life you will have to make the move out of your comfort zone. If it seems impossible you’re probably walking on the right path. God will use the most unlikely to accomplish what He wills. In today’s world there just isn’t any time for God’s saints to be procrastinating. The harvest is ready for picking and the workers are few. Or is it that to many of us are just procrastinating.

    • Thank you for the blessing of expanding the vision and value of this message. It is a true gift for you to dig deep and share avenues to help others realize additional ways they can grow with greater understanding and draw closer to God.

  2. Wow! I never thought procrastination as a sin, but after I read it, I thought, I have procrastinated in many of the areas posted. I realized we do not do it intentionally, but our busy lives keep us from fulfilling all what God expects of us as his children. I know going forward I will not be trapped by this deceitful sin of procrastination.

    • Thank you for your response and meeting God where he wanted to open and expand your knowledge to bring you closer to him. I truly feel blessed not only that you received the message I was gifted to share but you immediately committed to yourself for a call to action to deepen your relationship with the lord and savior. Be Blessed Always

  3. Agreed. I was discussing complacency the other day and had a fellow church member tell Me I have no right to tell them how to live and believe in God. Despite explaining that God had laid on my heart heavy the need to speak about walking the walk and talking the talk. 
     They said they did not think the message was for them, it was not God because God does not do that and that they were not gonna change. Perhaps I needed to become a Christian. 
     I only discuss this as of right now because I really again feel it tugging. SHARE WITH THESE PEOPLE! 
     We all make mistakes from time to time, God grabbed me to be a mouth piece because I am broken and God moves with in me. God has a real desire to move more loudly today and with such vigor, that there are days I cannot stop. Today my family, You all see out in the world the devil making big moves. The meek shall inherit the earth… I know this is not what we were shown, but I gotta tell ya, I whole heartedly believe meek means SNEAKY! Not shy. If you think about things in this context, God’s word makes even more sense. 
     Biases. Judge not lest thee. We have all in the world shared biases. As long as we walk in the house of God and walk with Jesus and do as they ask Us does the rest of any of it matter? How can you see to remove the speck in that ones eye shantung you see not thy log in your own!  
     My whole life I have seen bias, hate, evil and much more from those who would argue I be silent without a voice and not openly say what God should want come out of His child!  Bless me I will not ever again fail in this Amen? If God asks us to let Him speak I can promise You my mouth is open!  
     I pray this morning we all see as God show us. Stop if You have to,breathe, let go of all the secular a moment around You and see our good creator in all things and see Gods beautiful world beyond what the devil attempt lay down. 
     No man, devil, twisted thing hide My lords sight from me! Jesus died for me, My father is that, my father. 
     Amen, praise be to the glory and please have blessings on this day!

    • Brother Shayne
                             Thank you for sharing and I am in agreement with you that it is time for the volume to be turned up for the Lord to non-believers and Christians. I have never heard of Jesus preaching in silence. That is why it is the word of God to be spoken. Often those as you explained do not accept accountability as a Christian and what they accepted when being saved. This is why many claims by people will not be known by the lord at their time before him. I say you are a warrior carrying the shield of the savior and you keep preaching on the march of his glory. It is what Jesus did and you are made in his image.

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