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National Association of Christian Ministers

You have landed here because you were searching for the Minister Fellowship Network of the National Association of Christian Ministers located at: nacministers.org


We are in the process of moving the old fellowship to a much better platform.  Below you will find links to direct you, accompanied by our announcement of transition.

Announcement of Transition

Over the last three years we have been experiencing a variety of technical problems from our service provider which continue to go unexplained and unsolved.  For this reason, we have reached the conclusion that their services are no longer able to provide our membership the best options available in the 2019.


We, share a philosophy of ministry which is best expressed by the simplicity of the words of the late Rev. Jerry Falwell, founder of Liberty University: “if it’s Christian it should be better.”


Therefore, in order to:


  • 1) offer our membership the greatest possible user experience 
  • 2) to have unhindered access to features often requested my members needing technical support, and
  • 3) to make available the features expected of the ever-changing online environment

We, the leadership of NACM, are very pleased to report that we are in the process of transitioning from our present server and social network platform.  While nothing in this world is flawless, we are certain that this move is in the best interest of our members, and that it will provide a much easier platform upon which to facilitate online fellowship.  

Here is what you need to know:


  • This transition will begin first with the fellowship, then with the platforms of our other training programs such as the Mentor Program, Leadership Hall, Chaplaincy Training, etc.

We covet your prayers for smooth and peaceful transition during this time.  We also thank you for your participation, and for answering your callings to ministry.

Note: licensing is sometimes referenced as ministerial licenses, minister license, and occasionally misspelled as minister licence.

"The simplest peasant, armed with the Gospel, is mightier than the Pope". -Martin Luther
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