What is Perfection to You?

What is perfection to you? Your appearance, or wealth? Most would say a man without wealth, wore a piece of cloth tied around him, walked through dirt with bare feet, had long hair, unshaven with visible scars was imperfect. Who could have imagined he would be the most beautiful sight you will ever see and perfect in every way? If you are saved, you do.

So much of this world is revolved around look at me, I am special, I am so wealthy, watch me. Do you like what I am wearing? Don’t you think I am pretty or handsome? Do you like me so much you want to follow me? Yet all of these types of people bring a new meaning to being imperfect and lost wanting to take you with them. Because they are seeking approval from the world and not God.

Nothing of this world is perfect except for Jesus who embraces imperfections in others that believe in him and shows them the path to perfection with him. So, understand there is no such thing as imperfection in God’s eyes. We are all the same and equal in the eyes of our Lord (full of imperfection). Because he loves us just as we are.

No matter what you think may be imperfect about you. You are absolutely incorrect because anything you think is wrong with you is the exact reason God loves you. He loves you so much that he created a direction of perfection for you to follow by sacrificing his own son. God loves all of us regardless of what you feel your imperfections are because YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL AND PERFECT TO HIM.

It’s time to get your bible! You’re Growing with God Scriptures to look up and read to have a deeper relationship with God are Isaiah 55:1, Matthew 11:28, Galatians 3:28 and Romans 2:11. Remember to read your bible daily. God is watching.

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