VOTING: A US Citizen’s Right, A Christian’s Power of Influence

TO NOT VOTE is TO VOTE!  Absent votes cause even a majority to lose their influence.  Did you know:

An estimated 25 million Christians who are registered to vote fail to vote in presidential elections, and an estimated 65 million Christians do not participate in local elections. If Christians abandon the public square, we will not bring the influence of our faith into the halls where policies and laws are made and where righteous solutions are needed“.

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In the NACM, we have a stated policy to avoid political opinion posting, because we are a diversified fellowship of those in Christ.  We certainly won’t agree on everything, especially things that have more to do with the political aspects of our lives, living in the countries God has placed us.  At the same time, many of us are blessed to live in countries where we are wonderfully afforded to have an influence upon our government and the policies and laws that affect the way we live: a truly a tremendous privilege!  Ask anyone living in countries ruled by dictators, socialistic governments, communism, just how precious such a right and freedom it is!

We are called to pray for those “in authority”, in our countries’ governments; as well, if we live in a country where we are given a right to vote for those who lead us and what laws and policies are in place, we certainly ought to thank God for that opportunity and let God guide us in being influence for “good” – what God shows us to be “good” in His Word.  When I would be asked to describe what makes a nation a Christian nation, I would always answer: “A Christian nation is one in which the majority of citizens are godly, Christian believers, AND vote to make their majority belief realized in that nation’s laws and character in their leaders”.

So the NACM will never tell you HOW to vote, but we would encourage you to prayerfully consider using your privilege and “right” to vote as a God-given opportunity to be an influence for the Kingdom of God in your country, and so in your world.  It’s not enough in itself, but it is one sure God-given way to make your voice and beliefs known.

          “The only thing necessary for evil to triumph in the world is that good men do nothing”

– Edmund Burke

3 thoughts on “VOTING: A US Citizen’s Right, A Christian’s Power of Influence”

  1. I vote in all elections. The reason is: If I don't vote then my voice is not heard. I would not have anything to say to those who are leading us. I give all power to them. I vote because it is my right. I vote to help make a difference in our country and maybe the world. 

  2. Elder Niemeier, thank you for this post!

    I have heard people say "you can't legislate morality". While that is true in some sense, I find the results of any societies laws to be reflective of their moral views. While the laws themselves do not automatically create moral behavior in each individual, the collective moral views of a society are apparent in the laws they enact. It is somewhat of a "which came first, the chicken or the egg" question. I also know there is an enemy of Christianity who would like to destroy all Godly morality from being reflected in the laws of the land. I do not remember making it a point to vote before I was a Christian. However, after I did give my life to the Lord, voting became much more important to me. As you mentioned, there are countries where the people do not have a chance to express their desires in that way. I do hope everyone sees value in the opportunity to vote. We are truly blessed to have that choice.

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