The Minister’s Alpha & Omega Prayer for Guidance

The Minister’s Alpha & Omega Prayer for Guidance

Minister’s Alpha
& Omega Prayer for Guidance

By Michael
Mooney, Exec. Elder

  • Almighty God, I call
    unto you the Alpha and the Omega, the one who exists outside of time: forever past, forever present, forever
    future (Rev 1:8).  You existed
    before everything, and deserve all the glory, honor, and praise; because you are the creator of all things and
    sustain them for your pleasure
    (Col 1:16-17; Rev 4:11).  Therefore; as the source and perfecter of my faith, the purpose of my life is to please you
    (Heb 12:2; Rev 4:11).

  • For these reasons, great
    I AM, I am dependent upon you as the
    divine answer to any problem I face
    (Exo 3:14).

  • I call out that I may find favor in your sight.  Please show me your ways, that I may
    know you and continue to find favor in your sight (Exo 33:13). When my
    ways please you, even my enemies are ordered to be at peace with me (Pro

  • Father, my carnal heart is deceitful above all
    ; desperately sick to deceive me for sake of protecting my own
    will, and the foolish pride of my ego (Jer 17:9).  I ask you to examine my thoughts. Reveal
    to me if I am on the wrong path. Lead me in everlasting truth (Psa

  • In my flesh, I can do nothing to please you or bring
    happiness even to myself
    .  For my flesh
    leads only to idiocy, disappointment,
    regret, and frustration. (Ecclesiastes 7:12; Pro 16:25, 19:3; John

  • Only you can separate me from the legacy of simply being
    one more fool on the records of history
     I ask and am fully dependent upon you to
    rescue me from the folly of my own foolishness (Pro 3:5-6, 4:7). 

  • Holy Spirit, you are my helper and my advantage
    (John 14:26). It is my joy to come to you, to soften my heart by your desires (Psa 34:4).

  • The soul of my existence
    is before you
    .  For even you keep
    records of me that even I do not care to know about myself (Luke 12:7; Psa

  • I ask for the guidance
    of your wisdom, knowing that you will give it to me generously without
    finding fault for my asking (Jas 1:5).

  • I desire you to order my steps so that I may find favor
    in your sight
    .  Therefore, I commit my path to you;
    entrusting that you will establish it (Psa 37:5, 23; Pro 16:1, 3, 9, 33).

  • Make clear my path, and the doors which you are opening
    for me
     For no man can open a door you close, nor close a door you open! (Rev

  • Confirm your leading in my spirit by the fruit of your

    -even if it occurs apart from my own understanding.  (Mat
    10:13; John 14:27; Rom 8:16; Php 4:7).

  • I now rejoice in faith
    that you will order my steps (Psa 37:23-25).  I take comfort in the assurance that you are in control of the
    and are ever working all of it together for your sovereign
    goodness (Pro 16:9, 33; Rom 8:28). 

  • When I was born you were
    there, and when I die, even when I open my eyes in eternity, still you
    will be there!

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