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  1. Good evening Brother’s and Sister’s.
    This is Brother Alfred Archer of the GA Group; I recently relocated to Griffin GA; Spalding County, from Norcross GA.
    I have not been on the website for a while and for that I apologize. Time has been moving fast and a lot has been happening. It all started with putting my house on the market, the packing, house hunting and waiting for the closing date. That took a couple of months, then came the moving and unpacking, following with adjusting to a new area and new neighbors, ect.
    I moved into an 55 and over Community.
    Without realizing it, I became involved in so many activities; Different Club’s (One of witch I was recently elected Parliamentarian) I help organize a Jazz On The Green event; Took a Six week CERT class; Took a training with the Salvation Army; Took and passed the Amateur Radio Technician Test. Before I realized it, time has just flown by. I am presently visiting a Baptist Church in Griffin, while I continue to Pray and Seek the Lord’s direction as to where He would have me to be. I had lunch this past week with another Brother who has a heart for Veterans with PTSD and he asked me to Pray and Inquire of the Lord if He will have me to assist him.
    So you see, it’s been a little busy in my neck of the woods. But God is Good and I’m Grateful & Thankful for All that He has done & is doing in my life. I will start back to be active on the website, although I find it a little different from the older website. I am going to try to get on the GA site to see about inviting other to be friends on there. I already know of two Ministers who is waiting for the Laying On of Hands Ceremony and I will have to see if there are others out there. I asked you to be Patient & Prayerful as we get things going again. I will see if we can plan & organize to have a GA Gathering sometime around the early part of the Summer of 2020.
    If you know of anyone waiting, please let them know that something will be coming in the Summer of next year, Lord Willing.
    Please contact me by email and send me your name, email & Cell #. And if you are willing to help with organizing the Gathering, let me know that also.
    I will Continue to Pray for You as I asked that You Pray for me.
    Your Brother In Christ:
    Alfred Archer: KN4YYM

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