Revelations of Hope

Jehovah Shammah – Jehovah Shalom
The Everspring of Hope
The Lord is present. The Lord is our peace.
I see all around me a world without God, a world living in fear and deception; a world living in turmoil because they do not know true peace. And I see also in stark contrast, points of light; those who are filled and carry the light of Christ; walking in faith. I see those who know where their help comes from. ‘Our help comes from the Lord; the maker of Heaven and Earth.’
Christ is called in the Bible, the Prince of Peace. If you have met someone truly peaceful in the midst of all that is going on, I can guarantee you, they know Christ. I am not just referring to someone who thinks this Coronavirus is just a cold or another flu and we’re all over reacting. I am talking about a person who understands the gravity of the global situation right now but is peaceful; HAS PEACE. Someone who is aware still but happy and calm and open and sharing and welcoming and loving; truly loving.
See, what is happening in the world right now is to separate us and I can see it everywhere; especially in the true body of Christ; those who KNOW and are holding fast to the Savior. True believers are beginning to shine! We are being set apart from this world; and we are being sent into this world to gather the Children of God and to rebuke the forces of the evil one.
Satan will use this to divide humanity. God is using this to set His children apart from this world. Let me explain the difference between division and setting apart. The plan of Satan is to divide each of us from one another in fear and self preservation. Singularly, we are weak; isolated and fall prey to the insecurities of our minds and hearts in our weakness and isolation. Then he’s got us right where he wants us. The plan of Christ is to set His children apart (from the unbelieving World) in unity. Together we are strong and we uplift each other, reinforcing the faith of the other when weakness creeps in. The Godly family (the body of Christ) is iron sharpening iron in the love and peace and strength and faith in our Redeemer! See the difference? Without God, Satan will destroy us. We stumble and fall to our destruction by our own pride and self reliance. But as believers, we stand in the presence of Christ, boldly in our hope, because of our faith, steadfastly, until our salvation comes, until our Savior appears! KNOWING OUR REDEEMER COMES!
Having read Revelation now more than once, because this is the times I believe we are now coming into and living in, God is providing me a different understanding than what you might think. He has given me a message and He has instructed me to take it to the world.
Revelation can be a difficult book to read and for most of my life I put it off. I didn’t understand and it scared me. It really scared me to think of the things that are coming and what could happen to my loved ones and myself. Everyone feels that way the first time they begin to read this book. The first thing you begin to see is destruction and the picture of Armageddon. The final battle between good and evil and it is admittedly, pretty sobering to say the least. There is so much to take in and I felt it needed another read….and another and I’ll read it a few more and probably never get it all. But the point here is, as you dig deeper into the Word of God, you get another understanding.
Revelation is not a book of doom and fear. It is a book of LOVE! It is of promise and peace and honor. It is honesty and encouragement to God’s children! It is a book of security in the knowledge of what is to come. It is divine guidance through the end time with His encouragement to hold fast; hold tightly to HIM. It is His reassurance of safety and rescue!
Revelation does not have to be scary. You just need to understand how to read it. He tells us what to expect, what is coming, what to look for and how to navigate these perilous times as He prepares the world and establishes His Kingdom; and what awaits those who truly love Him and anticipate his glorious appearance, holding fast to the end!
Yes, it speaks of trials, and war and the Armageddon (the final battle between good and evil; God and Satan) but it also plainly bears to us the rewards of our perseverance for His name! Our Savior comes! He comes in Glory and Peace and Righteousness and holds the true and untainted prosperity of Abundant Life in the Kingdom of God! It speaks of our lives in the presence of our KING!
To those who overcome all; who persevere to the end, (of either their physical life or the end of times to His glorious appearing), keeping always their First Love (faith in Christ Jesus); these are the Promises of God:
1 Rev. 1:7 He comes to REDEEM us! You will see Him coming with your own eyes! You will see Christ coming in the clouds and no one will have to tell you He has come and is here or there. So do not be deceived. When He comes for us, you will see it for yourself and it will be grand and glorious and overwhelming and you will see it yourself.
2 Rev. 2:10 He will give us a crown of Life. We will be crowned. He will give you eternal, everlasting life with Him.
3 Rev. 2:11, 3:10 Our names are written in the Book of Life! You will not be touched or harmed or hurt in the final throne judgement. He will keep us from the trial. (See # 9. Because we have been faithful and Christ confesses us to His Father and His Angels, our names are written in the Book of Life, we will not be touched in the final judgment from the Throne of God, where the wicked are cast into hell.)
4 Rev. 2:17 He will sustain us with hidden manna. He fed the children of Jacob in the wilderness with manna and sustained them 40 years while they wandered until He brought them to the promised land. Likewise, He will sustain us while the world wanders in darkness until the Light is established on earth (Jesus with His kingdom) and shines forever, abolishing darkness from being! He will sustain us.
5 Rev. 22:17 He give us His divine protection and a new name and honor in His temple! We will be made new and kept from the hour of temptation that will come upon the entire world! He will give us a new name; a final name (etched in stone; special; of Holy ownership and True Agape (all fulfilling) Love); a name only to Him. He will make us a pillar in His Temple, (give us a place of honor and prominence) and He will write upon us His name and the name of His Kingdom. (ownership and belonging in His Kingdom!)
6 Rev. 2:17, 3:12 He will give us rest and regeneration. Not only will He sustain us, He will give us rest and regeneration. He will comfort us with rest from being weary and strengthen us to endure. We will have these things eternally as well but when we are in the midst of the war, He will give us rest and safety and the courage and stamina to endure to the end. He does not ask us to do anything He does not provide us the ability to do; even unto our passing from this life to eternity. He provides us the Everspring of Hope that gives us rest and regeneration and sustenance!
7 Rev. 2:24 He holds accountability. God not only holds the accountability of evil but of good to our benefit as well. He does hold accountable all action and knowledge. We, as His children are accountable. We are held accountable for what we know. But, also we are not accountable for knowledge hidden from us or removed from His Word and thus unavailable. So, this brought to my mind the revisions we have seen in the Bible under Martin Luther’s reformation etc. We are accountable for what we know; for the Word that we have and understand. He does not hold us accountable for what has been hidden from us; His Word that has been removed or that we have no knowledge of. He does hold accountable those who removed it, destroyed it or hid it, when it was true and genuine and sent forth into the world for His and our edification. So, understand He knows our hearts and minds and we are accountable for that.
8 Rev. 2:26-28 We will reign with Him and live in His presence! Power over nations and the Morning Star! Christ is the Morning Star. The brightest of all stars; He is the Light. He is the Son; shining brighter than the sun. We will reign with Him in His Kingdom as co-heirs through adoption as the children of God; as the children of the King! Christ will take us into His Kingdom and honor us and share His throne with us to reign over the nations of the world!
9 Rev. 3:5 Christ will confess our names to His Father God, and to the Heavenly Angelic Hosts (the Angels), as His own; (see #10 as faithful and pure and spotless). He will Introduce us in Heaven and our names will be written in the Lord’s Book of Life, never to be removed!
10 Rev. 3:5 He will clothe us in white garments and present us to His Father In Heaven. He has washed us clean. We are spotless, pure and holy, presented in the presence of God the Father and all the Angels as belonging to Christ. Truly honored, kept and loved.
He is Jehovah; The Lord! He is our PEACE (Jehovah Shalom) He is our SHEPHERD (Jehovah Raah), our RIGHTEOUSNESS (Jehovah Tsidkenu), the LORD THAT HEALS (Jehova Rapha), He is PRESENT (Jehovah Shammah) and our LORD WHO PROVIDED OUR SACRIFICE! ( Jehovah Jireh) He is the banner who covers us and keeps us; the BANNER OVER OUR LIVES! (Jehovah Nissi)
Hold tightly! Our God is Mighty and Our God Saves and Our God REIGNS!
His words to me regarding these times:
“In this time, the end time, before My Kingdom is established,
many will die and many will be saved to rule with My Christ.
There will be wars, pestilence and famine;
a hunger never seen in the world to this day.
Not a hunger for food but for the Word.
A hunger for salvation through the saving Word I have given among the earth;
a Word hidden in hearts, but hidden from the understanding of men.
There will be a hunger only filled by My Beloved Son!
For He is the food that truly nourishes.
He is the is the bread, broken for man.
He is the wine of merriment to the heart.
He is the spiritual food that feeds and sustains the soul!
Many will come and many will be saved
but others will die around you with full bellies and empty hearts;
souls starved, deceived and in denial of My Word, of My Son and of Salvation.
Hold tightly to My Son, My Word and My Promises but yet a little longer. I come.
I come in glory to war with the evil one.
I will and I do prevail; and from the beginning, I always have.
I have and I will save you.
My Kingdom is yet on the horizon.
Yet a little while I watch, I know my own.
Have not fear; for I, God, have not given you a spirit of fear
but of faith and love and of perseverance.
You are my child and greatly loved.”
Come to Him and find peace and drink from the Everspring of Hope! Let your soul be watered like a garden, lush and green. Come to the Eternal Spring and quench your thirst for Him. He is long suffering and waits patiently for those who will lay down their pride, and self, those who come seeking His face, those who will persevere to the end.

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