Our Instruments.

Hi to all. A very practical topic in our Christian musicians group.  Our Instruments. Having a right heart attitude towards the Lord is first priority but what about our tools? Quality or availability? Im interested in your opinions.

Teresa Marsh, Admin Elder (26)

I live in a small rural area of northland NZ. I am part of a church about 40 mins away. We are small in numbers but big in Spirit. I am in a leadership role and stand in for my pastor when shes away. As she holds the role of Apostle this is frequent. I am the treasurer 6and have interest in prophetic area. I lead a prayer/bible study group and play keyboard. We have nine children and our youngest is 9 years old. I have been a member of Nacm for 8 years.

2 thoughts on “Our Instruments.”

  1. Quality – definitely! You have to have quality musicians with the right heart for the Lord – no ego! Lousy music for the congregation distracts them from worship and it distracts the musicians as well. I’d rather have no guitarist than a bad guitarist or a great guitarist without the right heart. It may sound a little harsh, but after years in Worship bands and as leader, this is the conclusion I’ve drawn.

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