If you are moving towards BOARD CERTIFICATION as a professional Chaplain, you know you’ll need those 4 units of CPE (Clinical Pastoral Education) training!  We have a wonderful working relationship with NACM member Chaplain Ron Ringo and his CPE Training Program to help NACM members get that needed training at a special discounted price, too.  Here’s a letter from Chappy Ron just received this month of August, announcing upcoming September online training to obtain those CPE 4 units:


Dear NACM Members,

Eagle’s Wings Wellness Ministry, and Retired Navy/Marine Corps Command Chaplain, Former National DAV Chaplain, Ron Ringo,, CPE Supervisor, a fellow member of NACM, invites those who have gone through the NACM, some other basic chaplain course or a Degreed Ministry program, to join us for an interactive online CPE credentialing program.


This is a 4 CPE unit program and the next quarter will be commencing September 24, 2020. It is a once a week, 1 hr. ZOOM, live training meeting, with weekly assigned specific learning didactics and self directed field residency of some pastoral work each week. Each unit is taught in a 16 week quarter.


The CPE Program is in affiliation with the World Spiritual Health Organization, (WSHO). The credential is the same to that of the ACPE training and credentialed by the same authorization agency, the Association of Theological Schools, (ATS).

If you have ever looked into CPE credentialing, you are aware that it normally costs between $1000 and $1200 a quarter. But for NACM Members the tuition is dropped to $750 a quarter.


We look forward to bringing you this fun and interesting training program. If you have an interest in getting some CPE training and credentials, please contact Chappy Ron Ringo at and mention you are a member of NACM to receive the discount in the tuition.


Please do this now if you want to start in September, because the application process takes a little bit of time. We have a few NACM members in the program and they are really enjoying it. Take advantage of this wonderful opportunity.


Thank you for the passion you have in serving others with a pastoral heart.

Many Blessings,

Ron Ringo, PhD, CPE Supv.

619-855-5446     EMAIL:


EMAIL or CALL RON’s PHONE NUMBER ABOVE with any questions & to pursue registration!

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