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Dashboard Forums Washington WA-OR STATES JOING GATHERING May14 2022 – PICTURES!

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    Rodger Niemeier, NACM Executive Elder
    • *State: WA
    • *City: Federal Way
    • *Primary Interest in Ministry. : Minister of Administration
    Points: 7,702

    Thanks to Inu Young and his wife taking pictures (and I’m sure others took pictures as well – and would love to see them!), I’m able to pass them along to you!  Of course feel free to click on any you’d like to get a copy of and download to your own device.

    Our guest speaker: Dr Darrell Whiteman – professor of missionary anthropology; director/founder of Global Development ( – discipling and training Christian leaders in 78 countries over the last several years (presently in China).









    NACM Executive Elder Rodger Niemeier leading the Gathering

    New Elders Installed: (L>R) Exec Elder Rodger; Oregon State Coordinating Elder Rev Randy Wood; WA State Coordinating Elder Rev Ray Babula; Oregen State Local Elder, Evangelist Tood Morgan.

    Praying over New Elders

    Ordination Confirmation Ceremony (laying on of hands) about to commence.  On far left, Rev Steve Hall (led the first session Prayer Time).

    Laying on of hands ordination blessing!

    Closing Union Prayer of Consecration at end of Gathering

    All in all, 21 NACM members attended, along with 6 guests.  14 members participated in the Ordination Confirmation ceremony (laying-on-of-hands blessing).


    CONGRATULATIONS to Those Confirmed in Ordination by the Laying on of Hands!

    Rev Ray Babula (WA State Coordinating Elder)

    Rev Raymond (Ray) Wood (OR State Coordinating Elder)

    Evangelist Rev Todd Morgan (OR State Local Elder)

    Rev Kenneth Cunningham (Hillsboro, OR)

    Rev Jame Eider (Seattle, with home in Panama City, FL)

    Rev Chris Fascilla (Tacoma WA)

    Rev Cameron Hedges (Waitsburg WA)

    Rev Jay London (Longview WA)

    Rev Martin Martinez (Joint Base Lewis–McChord Airforce base, near Tacoma WA)

    Rev Peter Muni (from Kenya)

    Rev Kimberly Olson (Vancouver WA)

    Rev John Valnes (Carson WA)

    Evangelist Rev Inu Young (SeaTac WA)


    Other NACM Member Ordained Ministers attending:

    Rev Nestor Avila (Seattle WA)

    Rev Steve Hall (Bellevue WA)

    Rev Ruth Easterling (DesMoines WA: teaches NACM course, Essential Elements in Leadership)

    Rev Mark Gietz (Spokan Valley WA)

    Rev Ricky Green (Tacoma WA; moving back to the Philippines to live and minister)

    Rev Geoffrey Kinyua (Federal Way WA: Kenyan Church pastor, counselor)



    Thanks to all who were able to attend (8 members had circumstances that prevented them from attending); thanks to Rev Steve Hall (Prayer Summit leader for International Renewal Ministries) for leading a wonderfully renewing time of prayer together; thanks to Rev Ruth Easterling and Rev Geoffrey Kinyua assisting in prayers and ministering to our ordination confirmed ministers; and thanks to Ricky Green, Inu Young, Steve Hall and everyone who helped with set up and clean up!  Could not have done that without all the wonderful help!


    Rodger Niemeier, NACM Executive Elder
    • *State: WA
    • *City: Federal Way
    • *Primary Interest in Ministry. : Minister of Administration
    Points: 7,702

    PS – if you attended the WA-Oregon Gathering and took some pictures, could you post them here in a reply to this post!  Would like to collect pictures those in attendance took, to share with everyone.


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