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Patience Lord

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      Chaplain Robert West
      • *State: CA
      • *City: La Jolla

      I pray for patience for myself and for this nation. The devil is wreaking chaos continuously, first with Covid and this dreaded plague, now with the sad event of death of George Floyd and the murders of innocent policemen nationwide that has taken this situation into one marred with violence instead of peaceful protest. When will man learn the error of his ways? I need patience Lord that only You can provide. Our Pastors sit quiet or ignored by the media, some even contribute to this way of division, while this outrage goes forward. Division is once again being manifested by groups that think violence is a way to honor this man’s memory when all it does is serve to alienate our nation further as a result. Our Nation has learned nothing from Covid, absolutely nothing, despite Your Mercy upon us we act worst and show little to no faith as did the Isralites who witnessed You firsthand and were freed from centuries of bondage. We deserve Your Wrath but I pray again for Your Patience and Mercy for our lost nation. I cry out in pain Lord, pain that so many have chosen the ways of man to solve their issues, instead of the ways of God that would be complete and finite over discrimination and other sinful cultural divides. Our politicians seem to work for Satan, and all they do is add fuel to Satan’s fire. If only Lord, all of us can in unison call upon You for Your intervention yet again, so that Your words of wisdom such as Proverbs 16:32 are heeded “Better a patient person than a warrior, one with self-control than one who takes a city.” In Jesus I ask. Amen

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      Dirk Lefler
      • *State: Illinois
      • *City: Littleton

      Amen Robert!
      Just this morning I was contemplating current circumstances. Of course, we are more aware of events as they happen due to internet availability and social media. Our perspective is much larger than in years past. However, that same perspective is more subject to manipulation since information is fragmented and incomplete at best. This leads me to wonder how Jesus managed during the time He spent ministering to those around Him. Although there was not a presence of social media in the same fashion as today, Jesus did have a greater understanding of what was going on around Him at any time. He saw injustice, He saw inequality, He saw sickness, He saw evil, He saw it all… However, He did not address it all the time. Only in certain circumstances did He involve Himself. Those circumstances had to do with fulfilling the calling He had been given. He kept His eyes on just those things which had been given to Him to do. He kept His eyes on the mission He was there for. In fact, there was so much going on around Him, at times He had to get away and commune with His Father to keep His mind clear and focused on the direction set before Him. In this there is a question for each of us to ask. What is it God has called you to do? The answer to that question dictates what participation you should have in events around you everyday without simply following distractions to no profitable outcome. To be clear on that, we all need to spend time alone with the Father for refreshing that calling in our minds. The vision God has given you is your mission. What you do to complete that mission matters!

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