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      Pastor Robert Booker
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      It seems that men ministries are always hard to get going. It is the same in our church. Many join, and that is true, but it is not as active as it should be. It has been said that women’s ministries do better than men’s ministries. So what is needed? More participation, more depth, more passion, more commitment is needed. We men tend to be self (loners) doers.

      As men we are strong in Jesus. We are All-IN. That is a fact. This passes on to our families, our friends, and to those around us. So why doesn’t our men’s ministry never take off. Since this NACM is world wide, it would be hard for us to get together, except through the forum and the chat. But, we could add daily prayers, ask questions, tell what our churches are doing right down to what the bible classes are doing, the sermon given that Sunday or many other things.

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