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Study and faith in healing.

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      Robert Booker
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        I have been gone for some time from my studies of Chaplaincy. Yes, a lot has happened in my families lives to cause me to stop all things out of church and caring for family. NO, the family things are not over with yet, but I have prayed to my Lord about it and asked to have more time. I know that I do not get any more than the 86,400 seconds in my day than anyone else does.
        When your life is centered around your spruces and she is hurt or close to dying you stop all other things; at least I did. I prayed a lot. I stayed at the hospital more than I was at home. I prayed a lot. The rest of the family is so far away, and only a few of her many friends visited her. It has been 8 months now that we have been apart. The 24th was our wedding anniversary and it has been the first time we have been apart, same with Christmas. She had all her vaccinations against COVID but got it anyway. It was mild. No threat from it at all. She is now back in her regular room and will be able to restart her therapy, yes we will miss the New Year together too. Because of the many cases of COVID still in the nursing facility I might not be able to visit with her. However, I do take hear some great meals from home.
        I had to restart my study for chaplaincy because I have been away for so long. I am on chapter 6 and have started rereading that chapter. I have prayed that I should be able to continue studying this time without losing anytime. I have placed my time, my wife’s care in God’s hands. Believe me when I say that is the hardest thing I have done all year. My wife is my concern, my responsibility for the Lord matched us. However, He is still in control.
        Pray for us. For her healing and for my faith to get it done.

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