How to Play

There are two metric systems to our fellowship gamification:

  1. Points
  2. Ranks (Or Levels)

Points are awarded for activities. Ranks are awarded for totals of points.

For example, 1 point is awarded every day that you log in.

3 points are given for joining a new group. 

5 points are received for starting a new discussion in a group, and 2 more for commenting on discussions in groups.

After you earn 30 points, you take the next rank, and become a Level 2 Member, and so on…

More features will be added in the days ahead to permit points to be used for giving gifts, downloading special resources, discounts on training, and coupons to use in the SpiritShop.

Below you will see a complete listing of how points are earned, and to what ranks they lead.

Let’s go out there and provoke some love and fellowship 🙂

All Ranks

Newbie 0-29 Points

Acquainted 30-59 Points

Plugged In 60-89 Points

Achiever 90-119 Points

Established 120-199 Points

Gold Member 200-499 Points