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      Ashley Liddington
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      As we start our Lenten journey, we start to relate our walk to the temptations of Jesus in the 40 day wilderness experience. As we turn our thoughts to this struggle, we can think about the struggles we face daily. Of all our struggles on Earth, perhaps the most troubling and defeating is temptation. The temptations may vary, but the pressure just never seems to let up.

      Temptations can arise from three sources: our human tendency to struggle with sin even after salvation; the world around us, with its promises of satisfaction and pleasure; and evil forces that seek to pull us away from the right choices.

      As we mature in our walk with God, we start to understand that temptations never originate with Him. When we are tempted, God wants us to find Him enough: He will strengthen us so we can resist and follow through in obedience. Our Father doesn’t want us to fail. Rather, He desires that His children come out approved after testing. He is a loving Father who just wants to help us and guide us in our walk with Him.

      It’s helpful to understand how temptation originates. The first step in the process is a thought. At this stage, sin has not yet taken place, but if we start to entertain the thought, then desire takes root, and we imagine the pleasures or advantages to follow. According to Matthew 5:28, it is at this point that sin has occurred: In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus expanded the interpretation of God’s law to include not only actions but also thoughts, motives, and sinful desires (see Matt 5:17-48).
      The place to stop temptation is at the first thought. God wants us to let it pass, call out to Him in prayer, and stand firm.

      Have a Blessed week.

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      Ashley Liddington
      Points: 235

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