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      Charles Easterday
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      Have you considered the ministry of praise and worship?

      What is the purpose?

      What is the object?

      What is the objective?


      Does God require what we produce?  Does God need what we produce?  Is God benefited by what we say or sing?  To me, it seems that answering these questions would make the difference between an exercise in pride and a connection with the object of our praise who is indeed worthy of so much more than noise. Isa 29:13

      We enter the courts of the most high with praise.  The King of all creation is enthroned on the praises of his people.  He is holy.  What sounds are we filling His temple with?  With what are we building the throne He is seated on?

      To God be All the Glory.


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      Teresa Marsh, Admin Elder
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      <p style=”text-align: center;”>Hi Charles, excellent questions to meditate on in your post “Have You Considered”. It is wonderful to be able to bring our Gift of Worship to the Lord and obey scriptures instruction. The benefit to me personally are many. Thanks for your post. 🎶</p>

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      Janice Wright
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      Every day when I awake my first thoughts is to enter GODS courts with praise and thanksgiving, for everything he has done and is doing. I teach my children it is a good thing to sing praises all day long unto the FATHER OF GLORY. Daily I hum, and hum because the JOY OF THE LORD IS MY STRENGTH. I want people to SEE the glory of the LORD in my life. Without HOLY SPIRIT, CHRIST IN ME THE HOPE OF GLORY, I can do nothing on my own.
      When we are in a corporate worship setting, I really believe if I allow just the worship leaders to be like cheerleaders, sing and praise for me, and the people, I am allowing them to “KISS THE LORD FOR ME.” You would not allow someone to kiss your signifigant other for you, so why when you go to church, and you not enter into personal PRAISE UNTO THE KING OF KINGS!! Just thinking and sharing my life. I am almost 69 years old and I will tell you that I KNOIW THAT I KNOW, what I am saying. Serving my Lord since 19 years of age.

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      Todd L Thomas
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      Charles Easterday,

      The problem with such questions, is some people will start trying to say this genre of worship music is holy and God’s Hand is upon it, but these others are not. The divide it has caused among the different generations is heartbreaking to God. After all, has He not called the silver-haired to mentor the young in Christ? So, sometimes it’s best to be a little more detailed on what we’re saying exactly.
      I have heard from some my age, telling me how annoying the creative expression of the younger community is to them… that it has to be hymns or… and that is so terribly wrong. And once hearing such a thing, the younger ones pouring their hearts out to draw the Presence of God divide from our generation. It is hard to teach the younger ones according to the Word, when they’ve tuned us out… and maybe we’ve given them a reason to.
      I don’t take issue with contemporary worship… I’m right out there writing and singing this genre. It is amazing what was started at the Toronto Renewal Revival. What’s sad is that the very Revival that matured us into writing songs TO God instead of about God, takes so much criticism. Too many pastors distance themselves because it’s the in thing to do…
      It’s no mystery that sometimes we might slip back into flesh… but, weren’t a number of hymns taken from popular bar tunes with Jesus words substituted? I think we all do…
      …you see, the thing is, Revival is already upon so many among the younger crowd… but draws great persecution, not from the world, but from many in our generation in the church… maybe we could step out of our perfectly pressed suits and ties and find the floor with our faces and cry out for revival to hit our generation too.
      Have you ever considered that King David danced through his kingdom with a song of praise and worship pouring out from him… and what was David wearing?… let’s just try to wrap our doctrine and theology around that… will you find THAT in any of our Instructional Books or Videos, YouTube Channels on how to worship God?

      Enjoying the fellowship… Bless you… TLT

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      Dirk Lefler
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      To all,
      My wife and I have children who sang songs when they were little in the house. Their style was not refined to my understanding of music. Their composition was not refined to my understanding of composition. Their purposes were not understood by me. Their abilities were limited and not developed as mine perhaps were. But, they sang anyway…however they wanted…whenever they wanted…in whatever ever fashion they wanted. Each one was different. Each had their own voice, style, purposes, and qualities…and I did not discourage them. In fact, I loved it. That is us with our Father. He loves it when it is just us to Him, however it comes out. He accepts it all.

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