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Todd L Thomas
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Charles Easterday,

The problem with such questions, is some people will start trying to say this genre of worship music is holy and God’s Hand is upon it, but these others are not. The divide it has caused among the different generations is heartbreaking to God. After all, has He not called the silver-haired to mentor the young in Christ? So, sometimes it’s best to be a little more detailed on what we’re saying exactly.
I have heard from some my age, telling me how annoying the creative expression of the younger community is to them… that it has to be hymns or… and that is so terribly wrong. And once hearing such a thing, the younger ones pouring their hearts out to draw the Presence of God divide from our generation. It is hard to teach the younger ones according to the Word, when they’ve tuned us out… and maybe we’ve given them a reason to.
I don’t take issue with contemporary worship… I’m right out there writing and singing this genre. It is amazing what was started at the Toronto Renewal Revival. What’s sad is that the very Revival that matured us into writing songs TO God instead of about God, takes so much criticism. Too many pastors distance themselves because it’s the in thing to do…
It’s no mystery that sometimes we might slip back into flesh… but, weren’t a number of hymns taken from popular bar tunes with Jesus words substituted? I think we all do…
…you see, the thing is, Revival is already upon so many among the younger crowd… but draws great persecution, not from the world, but from many in our generation in the church… maybe we could step out of our perfectly pressed suits and ties and find the floor with our faces and cry out for revival to hit our generation too.
Have you ever considered that King David danced through his kingdom with a song of praise and worship pouring out from him… and what was David wearing?… let’s just try to wrap our doctrine and theology around that… will you find THAT in any of our Instructional Books or Videos, YouTube Channels on how to worship God?

Enjoying the fellowship… Bless you… TLT

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