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Greetings in the Mighty name of Jesus!

Two of the many benefits of your membership is having access to our ministry focused classes, and the free ministry resources.  Our member resource center is an abundant library of Bibles, Concordances, Commentaries, and Theological Reference Works.  We have spotlighted a few of them here.  Go ahead and explore…

NACM MINISTERIAL TRAININGS for enhancing your ministry effectiveness: unique practical ministry skills development courses.
At the NACM we believe that we should seek, in honor of the One we serve, to be as “tooled up” in ministry understandings and skills as we possibly can be!  We bear the Name of Jesus, are indwelt by His Holy Spirit, and are engaged in THE greatest “occupation” on earth!  And souls are at stake.  So we should seek to be “thoroughly equipped” so as to be ever increasingly “meet for the Master’s use”.
Here are links to the present NACM course offerings; we invite you to explore and avail yourself of these unique trainings:
  1. LEADERSHIP HALL – our longest running FREE NACM website online course on developing leadership qualities (Developed by Exec Elder Michael Mooney)
  2. NACM Christian Chaplaincy Course – our popular training for Community/Volunteer chaplaincy and for NACM chaplaincy licensing (Exec Elder Rodger Niemeier facilitator)
  3. SOULCARE 101: Ministering to Unsaintly Saints – learn how to effectively minister to the real underlying first-cause issues that drive people’s difficult behaviors (Exec Elder Rodger Niemeier facilitator)
  4. SOULCARE 102: Identifying, Addressing & Resolving Root Issues – sequel to SoulCare 101; helping people effectively overcome their root issues in lasting transformation (Exec Elder Rodger Niemeier facilitator)
  5. ESSENTIAL ELEMENTS for EFFECTIVE MINISTRY LEADERSHIP 101, 102, 103 – an experiential, practical experience in discovering and developing your leadership potential & gifts that involves Christian teacher John Maxwell’s leadership principles, DISC assessment, building-up exercises, and 3 personal coaching sessions (NACM Member & Christian Coach Rev Ruth Easterling facilitator)
  6. SPEAKING UP! Domestic Violence Training for Christians/Ministers – sadly, in this day and time, DV (domestic violence) is widespread, even in the Christian community; Christian Ministers are often the first ones victims turn to.  Gain effectual intervention ministering skills from a 30-year-plus Christian Abuse Counselor expert: Dr Nancy Murphy (course facilitator).
…and more are in development!   There’s always room to learn more and grow our ministering abilities in Christ.

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