Double Rainbow

Greetings Brothers and Sisters in Christ:

We had a beautiful double Rainbow over our house this evening after a strong storm. I don’t get to see Rainbows that often, when I do I am always blessed. The bright one in the photo is going right into my chimney!

I tried to attach a photo but had no luck.  You may view it by going to my photo gallery on my page… sorry for the inconvenience.

God bless,

Brother Steven Paul Carlson

Steven Paul Carlson (1)

I am an artist and a performer and I use these mediums to be a witness and minister to people.Having grown up in a Christian home I have known the Lord all of my life. I seriously began to live for Christ about 40 years ago.I have had no formal training in ministry but have diligently studied on my own, through my church and through correspondence courses.My Christian mission is to continue to witness and minister through my talents encouraging the Body of Christ and drawing new people into His Kingdom.

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