Waiting on God

God will always answer your prayers.  Sometimes the answer IS no, and sometimes God will wait to answer while you work through situations that will strengthen you and make you a stronger warrior for Christ.  Be patient and be faithful, and watch the wondrous love of God!  

Michael Peters (1)

I have been a Christian since 1982. I graduated from Seminary in 2006 from Calvary Theological Seminary. The college was located in Lake Charles Louisiana and was destroyed by hurricane Laura and have not reopened due to the pandemic. Luckily I have all my school credentials; however they are unable to provide a copy of my minister’s license. I do not want to get just any "online" license and I feel that those "one click license" programs are an abomination and should not be allowed. I am affiliated with a small local church and they do not offer licensing, I am impressed with what I have read about your program and I only want to be associated with a reputable organization as I worked very hard in school to have a cheap unrespected minister’s license.Since I graduated, I have been assistant pastor at Mid-Cities Tabernacle in Grand Prairie TX under Doctor Henry Cutbirth (passed in 2013), media pastor at Life Church in North Richland Hills TX, I played bass guitar on the praise and worship team for Covenant Life Church in North Richland Hills TX. I currently run a camp for abused and neglected children with headquarters based here in North Richland Hills; the physical camp is located in Muse Oklahoma. Our camp is 50 acres big and is on the Kiamichi River surrounded by the Ouachita National Forest. Our camp name is Camp Apohkochi (www.apohkochi.com) and the name comes from the Choctaw word that means "To Protect or To Shield". I worked with a linguist from the Choctaw Nation to find the perfect word to respect the Choctaw Nation our land was a part of, and to speak to our mission for hurting children.I can provide copies of my diploma if needed.

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