NACM MEMBERS:  EARLY MARCH CPE (Clinical Pastoral Educ) Chaplaincy Training is Available!

The 4 CPE UNITS REQUIRED for becoming a certified “professional chaplain/pastoral counselor” (opening doors to becoming a paid staff chaplain at a hospital, military, police department, fire department, prison system, hospice, corporation, university, etc.),is being offered through an online CPE program by NACM member Retired Navy/Marine Chaplain RON RINGO (PhD, CPE Supervisor/Instructor), in his EAGLE’S WINGS WELLNESS MINISTRIES program (an affiliate of WSHO – World Spiritual Health Organization https://wsho.info  

– officially recognized as an affiliate member of the Association of Theological Schools (ATS).  
FOR MORE INFORMATION or TO REGISTER: contact “Chappy” Ron Ringo:  email at  usmcchappy@gmail.com; or phone: (619) 855-5446. 
MENTION that you are a NACM member – reduced tuition to $750 per semester; (as opposed to the usual costs of other CPE programs from up to $1,200 per quarter).  In addition, you can receive an additional discount to $650 for the first quarter if you start the next quarter starting the first week of March. Registration needs to be completed soon!  CONTACT CHAPPY RON for DETAILS!


  1. Hello Curtis, and thanks for your question.  I would rather direct you to contact Ron Ringo, as indicated in the announcement.  Since he is the instructor and offering it, he can give you all the details better than I can.

    As to costs, as in the announcement, each of the 4 required CPE units is $750 each (with the exception of the indicated discount for the first unit) – which is a healthy discount from what you'll likely find for CPE offered in seminaries or hospitals – though its worth checking out with your local hospital to see if they offer it.

    But please do give Ron and email or phone call: he can fill you in with all the details.

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