NACM Participates in Member Pastor Installation in Puerto Rico

    I had the privilege & pleasure of being invited to participate in the installation of NACM ordained member minister RICHARD BARNES as new pastor of the Iglesia Bautista Fundamental Luz Y Vida Church in Puerto Rico this past Sunday morning, August 8th 2021!

Pastor Barnes is originally from Venezuela, his wife born in Puerto Rico, then came to America; and now he is answering a call to Pastor a small church in Puerto Rico.  This past Sunday morning the congregation of Luz Y Vida Church installed him as their pastor, and I was able to pray with them as they lay hands on their new pastor, Richard Barnes.

    I’m on the laptop (right) participating by way of Zoom.

Laying on hands to install Pastor Richard Barnes

   Pastor Barnes and family close the service with a hymn.

Please join me in praying for and congratulating NACM ordained Pastor Richard Barnes for his new pastorate of Luz Y Vida Church!

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  1. Hermano Pastor Barnes, Dios te bendiga mucho. Bienvenido a nuestra confraternidad de Ministros. Que nuestro Dios te siga usando grandemente para SU gloria. Adelante Hermano!!! Michael bendiciones para ti, tu familia y tu Iglesia!!!

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