Into 2021: NACM Chaplaincy Course Trains over 1,000 Members!

         Rev Rodger Niemeier, NACM Chaplaincy Program Director

I’m so happy to report at the beginning of this 2021 year, with so many challenges to face in America as well as many countries around the world, the NACM has added to the Lord’s “army” over 1,030 ordained, trained (through our NACM Christian Chaplaincy Course) and licensed NACM member CHAPLAINS!  We never anticipated the Lord calling so many into chaplaincy, but it certainly makes sense given the increasing great need among the Lost and Hurting outside the church walls.

May this “workforce” in the Lord continue to grow in number, but also in the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ to significantly impact those in nursing homes, jails, on our streets, in hospitals, our amazing military members and their families, our policemen and firemen, EMT’s and First Responders – and all those in crisis!  Let’s pray that pastors and churches deliberately rally behind these brave Christian chaplains, supporting them with prayer, encouragement and recognition since they exemplify reaching out to the Hurting in some of the most challenging circumstances this life can bring.

We have also become an endorsing ecclesiastical organization for chaplains entering the various military branches, having officially endorsed several NACM chaplains.


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7 thoughts on “Into 2021: NACM Chaplaincy Course Trains over 1,000 Members!”

  1. I had started taking the Chaplaincy course and had to discontinue, I would like to begin the course over again and I also wanted to take the Theological class as well. Can you advise me on how I do these. Thank you……..Sincerely Eleanor D Manuel 

    • Hi Eleanor – yes, you can come back to the Chaplaincy Course.  You are still registered (it has no deadline for completion, so it is always available to you to re-enter and start again where you left off).

      Go to this web address to login to the course:  (click on SIGN IN in the upper righthand corner of that webpage)  is your email address you will need to use when it asks for your email address (it's your username for signing in); then whatever password you created (if you don't remember your password anymore, email me at: – and I'll send you a PASSWORD RESET email that lets you set up a new passoword).  It looks like you completed up through Lesson 1, item #7, and so ready to start item #8 (and I assume you purchased your two textbooks for the course – as indicated in item #2 in the INTRODUCTION unit just before Lesson 1).  

      If you have any problems getting back into the course, just email me and we'll help you get set up again (

  2. I'd like to take a brief moment to encourage anyone who is heeding God's calling into the chaplaincy to seriously consider taking Elder Rev. Niemeier's course. You will learn so much about this vital area of ministry and also about yourself. I recently completed the course and the blessings and insight from God bestowed upon me were just beyond incredible. The course is challenging and thought provoking, but is enriching and educating every step of the way. The course is self-paced and written in a way that is easy to understand. The best part of the course is at the end of each module, there is a forum discussion. Rev. Niemeier and other classmates actively participate in the discussions. And don't be concerned about asking any questions or sharing what God has taught you throughout the course or through your personal experiences. Anyone can complete this course with prayer and easy effort. The books are great cornerstones of reference. This is a five-star course! Even if you're not considering chaplaincy, the NACM Chaplaincy Course is worth taking anyway. I give it two thumbs up and enthusiastically recommend this course to everyone!

    • Thank you, Dusty, for your encouraging words and testimony to the course.  We are indeed living in a Day in which the skills of the chaplain are even appropriate and necessary for the pastor, the evangelist, and any mode of ministry!  Thank you again for posting about the NACM Christian Chaplaincy course!

    • The two books are a great resource. The first one specifies what makes chaplaincy a unique ministry OUTSIDE the four walls of a church building; the second one specifies the tools of that ministry. Even though I have gone on to complete CPE and am now a professional clinical chaplain, I still find it useful at times to return to these resources, especially the prayers listed there to assist with those experiencing grief.

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