August Ministry Gatherings and Updates


UPCOMING STATE GATHERINGS – for NACM member ministers to fellowship, encouragement in the Lord, and Ordination Confirmation (laying on of hands blessing for NACM online-ordained ministers):
  • EASTERN TENNESSEE (Elder Jody Secaur): AUG 13th (see announcement/info on the TN State web page)  – Exec. Elder Michael Mooney and his wife Julia attending.

  • NEW YORK: (St Coord Elder Jeffrey Lamphear): AUG 20th (see NY State webpage for more information)

  • OHIO: (St Coord Elder Paul Hawkins): AUG 20th (see OH State webpage for more information) Exc.Elder Michael Mooney and his wife Julia are attending. 

  • WEST VIRGINIA: (St Coord Elder Clarence Camara): AUG 27th (see the WV State webpage for information)

  • NORTH CAROLINA: (St Coord Elder Edgar Hariston): SEPT 24th (see the NC State webpage for more information)

FLORIDA: (St Coord Elders Jan & Lourdes Cary; Local Elder Gordon Winans): DEC 10 (see FL State webpage for information)

TEXAS: (St Coord Elder Naomi Chavez): OCT 15th (details yet to come: Texas State webpage)

NOTE:  NACM Member ministers are welcome at any State Gathering, whether it’s your state of residence or not!  Only our appointed State Elders can administer Ordination Confirmation (laying on of hands blessing): if your State does not yet have an Elder, you can request a nearby State Elder to provide this for you (if cannot be done “in person”, it can be done virtually (internet cam) or by phone).

The New Leadership Hall is Now Open to New Members – learn leadership principles & practices for effective leading, whatever your ministry calling!  FREE NACM COURSE (Designed & taught by NACM founder and president, Rev Michael Mooney):

Follow the below instructions to sign up:

Members can of course go to those State Webpages for more information and to register by posting a reply to the post about the State Gathering for that State.


  • Our own NACM Christian Chaplaincy Course (required for NACM chaplain licensing; excellent thorough training for the volunteer/community chaplain: hospital volunteer; jail ministry; nursing home; street chaplaincy; police/fire departments; etc.)
  • SOULCARE 101 & 102 – a NACM favorite!  Learn how to effectively minister to people’s REAL needs, and not just their “difficult behaviors” – ministering for true, lasting transformation!
  • Essential Elements for Effective Ministry 101 & 102 – a unique hands-on, guided growth experience using John Maxwell’s Developing the Leader Within You, by NACM member minister & Christian Life Coach, Rev Ruth Easterling – a certified Maxwell coach.  Develop your inner potential leader in Christ!

ALL THESE COURSES ARE FOUND on NACM’s educational platform website:

COURSE DESCRIPTIONS tell you how to utilize the NACM member tuition discount for each course!


There is now a SPECIAL WEBGROUP on the NACM WEBSITE where you can share about your book you’ve written, or a music CD you’ve produced – so other NACM members can be aware and obtain it, if they wish to.  Here’s where to post about your creation:



Is your profile up to date?  It is required in order to remain in “good standing.”  Be sure to log in and check at the following link:

IF YOU ARE NEW TO THE NACM & the NACM website, be sure to go through our NEW MEMBER ORIENTATION!

Product of the Month

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  1. NACM Member Minister JEAN SCHUMM provides insightful FREE WEBINARS with insights for Christian Parents (so Church Leaders/Pastors/Youth & Children Ministers can utilize these to minister to parents AND children).  As a Christian Mom herself with teens in public school, she developed OPERATION:PARENT to provide Christian Parents with practical tools for effectively countering the detrimental influences our children & teens face in this day!


2. NACM Member Minister PASTOR ARVIND DAVID LOLEKAR in Tumsar, INDIA:  Pastor Arvind joined the NACM earlier this year, after having met and conversed with NACM Exec Elder Rodger Niemeier by connecting through LinkedIn!  Pastor Arvind ministers with his wife and children, preaching the Gospel and discipling new converts to Christ in the Marharashtra region of India.  Sadly in March, Covid, which was rampant there, took his wonderful wife home to Jesus: but Arvind and his two grown children continue to minister.  The loss of his dear wife who was strong in ministry is still felt, but for the sake of his People who are in great need of salvation in Christ, he perseveres in ministering.

Response to the Gospel has been encouraging, and they disciple new converts, minister to orphans, and share resources and pray for healings.  The need is overwhelming, and persecution is strong.


Pastor Arvind Lokelar’s NACM Profile webpage: you can friend & message him:

Michael Mooney, NACM Exec. Elder (149)

I live in Greenville SC. I am married to the woman of my dreams and we have 4 children. I have been in ministry 20+ years. I graduated from Liberty University. I have a Diploma of Biblical Studies, Bachelor of Science in Religion, Master of Business Administration, and a Master of I/O Psychology. I most enjoy camping, music production, and basking in the presence of the Holy Spirit while worshipping.

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