ANNOUNCEMENT: Chaplaincy CPE Courses start Mid-June (discounted)!

ATTENTION NACM Members interested in CPE (Clinical Pastoral Education) Courses (all 4 units) required for Chaplain Board Certification:

NACM member Chaplain “Chappy” Ron Ringo, through his Eagles Wings CPE training, is offering a special discount on the already discounted CPE tuition for the start up of the next course offering, Mid JUNE!  Usually NACM members pay $750 per quarter, but the mid-June summer course is being offered for $650!  (There is a $20 application fee).  Chappy Ron Ringo’s accredited CPE training program works in conjunction with WSHO (World Spiritual Health Organization, a Christian Chaplain Certifying Board), providing a path to complete the requirements for full board certification.

INTERESTED?  If you have questions and/or wish to apply, contact NACM Chaplain Ron Ringo directly at:  615-855-5546.  But HURRY!  Classes (all online) start soon!!

Eagle’s Wings Ministries,   Affiliate of the World Spiritual Health Organization (WSHO)


Clinical Pastoral Education Distance Program:  Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) is the interfaith and interdisciplinary professional
training for chaplaincy, integrating both theology and psychology.

In CPE, chaplains, theological students, laypersons, ordained clergy, medical staff,
mental health professionals and members of religious communities learn clinical
pastoral skills and relationship “tools” to effectively minister to people. Through
practical clinical experience, written case studies, individual supervision, relevant
reading and seminar participation, students are encouraged to develop competent
and caring pastoral relationships and skills.

Benefits from taking Clinical Pastoral Education:
· Eligibility for National Board Certification as a professional Chaplain and/or
Pastoral Psychotherapist/Spiritual Counselor
· Higher level of effective ministry competence and credentials
· Upgrade earning potential and professional marketability as a spiritual care
· Heighten respect among peers and employers
· Receive individualized clinical supervision and mentoring
· Learn and participate in an intense, dynamic and diverse peer group
· Enliven spirituality through interfaith Chaplaincy Service to patients and
· Broaden ministry experience and “tools” by learning and ministering in a
complex medical environment
· Flexible schedule to obtain requisite clinical hours, i.e. patient visitation hours
· Post CPE local peer group consultation, fellowship and networking among
local chaplain.
CPE Program Basic Information
· Program Duration: 1 year (four-16 week quarters: Fall, Winter, Spring,
· CPE Class Size: Preferably 10-15 participants per group, per quarter.
· Enrollment Availability: Based on vacancy

Clinical Hours Commitment: 400 clinical hours per quarter of which the majority of
hours per week are flexibly devoted to patient visitation. Upon approval,
participants may also mix and match clinical hours from other ministry sources
outside the hospital setting, i.e., hospice, military, parish, law enforcement, etc., in
order to meet clinical hours requirement per quarter.

National/International Accreditation provided through the World Spiritual Health
Organization (WSHO) and the Association of Theological Schools (ATS).

Eagle’s Wings Ministries & WSHO want to invite any members and friends to this
new opportunity to continue in your training and education for the care of those you
have stewardship. If you would like to join the Distance CPE Program, please email
Chaplain Ron Ringo at or call at (619) 855-5446.

Next distance class to start soon!  MID JUNE!

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