top 10 most QUESTIONABLE INGREDIENTS purposely put in today’s already dirty vaccines

The top 10 most QUESTIONABLE INGREDIENTS purposely put in today’s already dirty vaccines

(Natural News) Today’s vaccines are “dirty” for more than a few reasons, and in many different ways. First off, FDA inspectors recently found horrific conditions at a plant that was manufacturing J&J vaccines, and more than 15 million doses of the batched, contaminated and outright dirty concoctions had to be trashed. We’re talking about epic failure when it comes to quality control here.


The Baltimore factory that Johnson & Johnson had contracted to make their Covid-19 vaccines is obviously riddled with poorly trained staff and just a total boondoggle when it comes to following procedures. Besides all the insane ingredients vaccine manufacturers already use to juice up inoculations and cause horrific side effects for babies, children and adults alike, employees were caught dragging unsealed bags of medical waste around the lab, and then there was some suspicious ‘brown residue’ discovered on instruments.


This is documented by FDA inspectors, mind you, recently, in the Covid vaccine-making dungeons they call labs. This is like drug dealers making crack or meth in their basement. Our country’s medical establishment has gone completely psychotic. Plant workers were outright IGNORING procedures, as noted by U.S. Food and Drug Administration inspectors. They even managed to cross-contaminate J&J’s shot ingredients with those of AstraZeneca’s toxic Covid jab.


In other words, these vaccines are already “dirty” in the sense that they cause the human body to create prions and proteins that can cause blood clots, cancer and dementia, but they’re also “dirty” meaning contaminated with bacteria, viruses and other pathogens that aren’t even part of the insane concoctions’ formula. Get it? It’s like the three stooges are running these vaccine labs all across America.

That brings us to the top 10 insane ingredients that vaccine manufacturers purposely put in today’s vaccines

#1. Infected African Green Monkey kidney cells

#2. Peanut oil

#3. Prion-creating mRNA

#4. Mercury – a.k.a. thimerosal

#5. Deadly wild pig disease “circovirus” Strains I & II

#6. Formaldehyde

#7. Monosodium glutamate

#8. Animal blood and organ tissue

#9. Aluminum

#10. Human abortion cells


Oh yes they did. The insidious vaccine industrial complex uses dangerous and outright deadly ingredients to brew and concoct those dirty vaccines, especially the Smallpox vaccine. Live Smallpox viruses are literally grown in… wait for it… African Green Monkey kidney cells, as listed on the insert sheet for the ACAM2000 Smallpox vaccine, that’s approved by the FDA and highly recommended by the CDC, the American “Center for Disease Creation.”


Ready to solve the childhood peanut allergy phenomenon, that didn’t even exist before vaccines? Since vaccine manufacturers began using peanut oil, peanuts magically became the second most common food allergy in children. At least one in every fifty kids are so allergic to peanuts they can go into anaphylaxis shock and die, like when they get a new vaccine that contains traces of peanut oil (called antigens), not even listed on the ingredients insert. Oops. Blame it on genetics, like those quack MDs always do. “Sorry about your loss. Do peanut allergies run in the family, Mr. and Mrs. Johnson?”

Deadly mRNA “technology” and blood from other animals, including from humans, could drive 150 million Americans insane very soon

Inflammation is the root of nearly all diseases and disorders, and that’s exactly what the mRNA prion-creating jabs cause. The China Virus inoculations are causing deadly blood clots and people are dying from them, but the mass media is funded by Big Pharma and the VIC (vaccine industrial complex), so it’s not covered in mainstream news anywhere. Johnson & Johnson’s jab and AstraZeneca’s Covid-19 vaccines have been recalled and put on hold for this same reason. Vaccine recipients, including test subjects in animal models tested in laboratories, are suffering from developed spongiform and neurological diseases commonly described as mad cow disease.


Animal organ tissue, animal cell lines, and animal blood are used to develop vaccines, and it contaminates them beyond “scientific” controls. Just as Covid-19 is currently morphing into different, more virulent strains, these viruses and pathogens, when combined, become exceptionally dangerous. The “proof is in the pudding,” as they say, and today’s vaccines contain impurities from animal cell lines that are included in the formulation that is injected. Let that sink in for a minute. We’re talking about animal tissues that are toxic to the human body except for when eaten normally and digested.


This is the secret of the vaccine industry they don’t want you to understand: Vaccines bypass all body filters, including lungs, skin, and the digestive system, with these contaminants. These animal proteins include the following, and you can verify this on the CDC vaccine ingredient website yourself: monkey (kidney), cow (heart), calf (serum), chicken (embryo and egg), duck (egg), pig (blood), sheep (blood), dog (kidney), horse (blood), rabbit (brain), guinea pig, aborted baby fetus tissue, and of course, human albumin. All of this is mixed together in a filthy facility and inspected by the very people who run the only medical industry that can never be sued.


That’s why there’s a huge black market for human abortion organs and tissues. These biological warfare freaks are using human tissue to breed new diseases inside the vaccines (think chicken pox, Hepatitis-A, and Rubella jabs) from combinations of viruses, bacteria and deadly pathogens that now have gain of function capability, meaning diseases that once only spread from animal to animal now spread to humans and between humans. That, my friends, is what is meant by “dirty vaccines.”


Tune your internet frequency to for updates on how vaccines ARE the pandemic.


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