Nearly 2 Years of Covid, Is there Anything You Would Have Done Differently?

Looking Back on Nearly 2 Years of Covid, Is there Anything You Would Have Done Differently as a Minister to Others?

For example in areas of:

  • evangelism;
  • in-person contact, visitation, social media;
  • panic, knowledge, teaching, etc…?

Michael Mooney, NACM Executive Elder (153)

I live in Greenville SC. I am married to the woman of my dreams and we have 4 children. I have been in ministry 20+ years. I graduated from Liberty University. I have a Diploma of Biblical Studies, Bachelor of Science in Religion, Master of Business Administration, and a Master of I/O Psychology. I most enjoy camping, music production, and basking in the presence of the Holy Spirit while worshipping.

10 thoughts on “Nearly 2 Years of Covid, Is there Anything You Would Have Done Differently?”

  1.  Do not fear, God is with us in this pandemic. He has bestowed numerous blessings upon us, His Grace is sufficient. The Lord spoke to me and said that spiritual beings are on the earth to kill, steal and destroy; He showed me round balls with tripod-like legs. They were trying to deceive people while killing them. I became fearful, but He said “stay close to Him and He will keep me safe”. He also said that there is no other way to be safe. He said, “when you see the clouds looking like this;” then He showed me clouds very low almost like touching the ground. He said, “know it has begun.” I told the congregation about the prophecy. After a while I saw the shelf clouds really low, so I knew it had begun but I did not know then it would have been called covid-19. During the pandemic the Lord spoke to me again, this time it was when they started vaccinating the children. He said the world will be visited with pestilence, famine and the sword. While He was speaking I saw a lot of people dying. Children of God, we need to keep our eyes open to all that is happening around us and pray. While we are awaiting our Saviour’s return, wickedness is multiplying in the world. This wickedness unfortunately, is also among some who profess to know and love God. If the people want change; they must change their lifestyles. They need to turn away from all forms of ungodliness and return to God. Stand in Faith, God is in control! We have His divine intervention, He is our helper and protection. Glory to His Holy Name forever!

  2. Known side effects! SCIENCE TRUTH 
    Before authorization of Jab (from animal studies!!!)
    Brain, Heart, Lungs, spinal cord; ALL do NOT regenerate, ***Permanent damage! ! ! (Heart inflammation, Blood Clots, Paralysis and Death of animals)***Autoimmune disease(Docs can’t use standard treatment), & Cancer, male ED, female infertility, etc…(JN 8:44…*father the *devil) Criminally Treasonous Fraudulent Corrupt FDA M. Gruber signed extenton of expiring Jab & retired 7 days later!
    Corruption, NOT FDA APPROVED only extension of use!!! ***Shedding Causes Delta Variant, spawn/progeny of VaxJab!!!
    Pediatric FDA panel just past 17-0 authorization for children 5-11, who are NOT in danger from covid!
    with 1 abstained, DR ROSE due to NO Emergency or LACK of Treatment Availability, 20+ drugs( Required for Emergency Authorization Use ***Extension )

  3. I don’t think I would change a thing. I put my trust in Christ, and followed the science that was placed before us. Do I trust all of them, not really. But I do trust God. I know I could get sick, I know I could die, but I was not worried about it. My major was cognitive psychology which included many areas of science so I trust it. My health, was the same as it was before the pandemic. I have agent orange and many things are wrong with my health, but nothing has changed. I do pray now more than I had in the past for the country. It has changed. There is more hate, or at least it has come out in the open. The cost of things has gone up. Hospitals are full. Restrictions for our way of life has changed. A loaf of bread $3 Gas going up everyday…..wait, Doesn’t the Bible speak on these things? So, no, I would not change a thing. My trust is in the Lord.   

  4. Follow the money 
    Do Not Be Deceived 
    Seek TRUTH 
    Vaxxed are spreading Delta variant, NOT unvaxxed 
    Boosters… why, if vaxxed are dying from Delta!!!
    Early Treatment is the cure… not the worthless jab! 
    Please,  take Vitamin D3, to increase your immunity NOW (why flu hits hard from October to March, lack of sun…) 

  5.      Honor & Obey God, Not man!Our body is The Temple of Spirit of Christ, Ruach HaKodesh. Made & then puchased by Cross of Jesus. NO FEAR!!!, undefiled, pure DNA(No mRNA, aborted DNA, etc…) An Ambassador of the Lord, & must complete our commission to go, preach TRUTH*Government lied about NO therapies(20 drugs: REGENERON(monoclonal antibodies), Hydroxychloroquine, Zithromax,  Ivermectin, Quercetin, BUDESONIDE, Zinc, Vit D3, etc…)to get jab(emergency authorization), Bigtech Artificial Intelligence Censorship  “independent fact checkers” *No one will hear… TRUTH like…*Inventor of mRNA jab, Dr Robert Malone NOW recommends conventional therapy over jab… like(Frontline Doctors)*Blood clots, Paralysis, Death, & It will destroy your God given immunity. *Taiwan,  more deaths now from Jab than Covid!!!*Researchers are in deep trouble…No one died of old age, COPD, pneumonia, Heart disease, diabetes, FLU, cancer, ETC…*Vaxxed have no immunity to delta variant…  Just say no! *No science, like: Evolution THEORY Defund police CRIME Atheists Socialist DICTATORSWoke, Bible calls foolsIf you delete this you are evildoers,
    *Early Treatment 99.9% survival rate possible! 
    EARLY STAGE (1st wk,5-7dys)Must use Plaquenil/hydroxychloroquine, zinc, Vit D, Zithromax and then following treatments not necessary.Dr Harvey Risch, Yale Epidemiologist use antimalarial prophylaxis, Mask if sick, Dr Oskoui for my protection, Only N95
    MIDDLE STAGE Must use Budesonide nebulizer to decrease inflammation.
    LATE STAGE Must drain lungs to get oxygen to the lower lobes of lungs. Dr. Recommended sleeping on chest, not back. Preferably to be in prayer position with hips up and head on hands. Also, have someone cup hands and hit back to dislodge & drain thick glue like material to improve oxygen saturation.
    OTC cheap, & i.a.tro.genics, major side effects: Blood clots, Paralysis, Death *Medical errors #3 cause of death!! *61,000 people die every year of the flu and is the #9 cause of death in America. People only forget about the flu when the COVID Plan-demic is in America.
    Increasing the immune system using D3 and C vitamins, Melatonin, and zinc was swept under the rug to promote the pharmaceutical industry’s experimental vaccine. Several re-purposed drugs like Hydroxychloroquine combined with zinc, Ivermectin, and magnesium are ***proven effective*** in combating COVID-19 infections, alleviating suffering, and reducing hospitalizations and deaths. The last thing the medical-industrial complex wants is an informed public taking responsibility for their health.”My body, my choice”
    Lies from Fauci, CDC, FDA, NEA, WHO, CDC, AMA, APhA, Media-nites killing 100’s of thousands of innocent people for money & control.
    Merck is corrupt … Their NEW $750/pill replacing… OLD CHEAP Stromectol(Ivermectin) which was originally made by Merck…(Media-nites… horse pill lies, human drugs used in animals…)
    Do Not be Deceived!!!by Censored Science or FCC illegal, fake news… *FDA has NOT approved VAX!!! Comirnaty is not available until 2024!!! Current Jab only got Emergency Authorization Use ***Extension!!!! *Covid is no longer in circulation (variants now, Delta)*Tyranny, criminal, dangerous, vax without any benefit. Death, Blood Clots, Paralysis, ETC… &*VAERS is not tracking or excepting reports from docs…*So Called Doctors are sending patients to psychologist, not taking accountability for damage. They are Not giving informed consent… & DO NO HARM
     NY Nurses, went from Heroes to zeros… *Natural Immunity better than Jab… so, refusing because of deaths, blood clots, Paralysis, etc… and vaxxed are NOT protected!
    *Mask are used in surgery, to protect open wound from coughing, sneezing, spitting when talking…
    *Mask is like a chain link fence to stop a mosquito/virus…
    *Mask is like a burka to keep Islam women submissive to men…
    *Masks are child abuse in schools to make it difficult to hear, see facial expressions, etc… F reedom E arly treatment A mericanR ights
    Proverbs 29:16. When the wicked are increased, transgression increaseth;

  6. I am glad the Lord kept me alive and still has me around for Hs glory. I caught Covid 19 pneumonia back in January 3rd of 2019. Last year I heard all the stories about Covid. I was skeptical about them till I caught it. Why did it happen? Only God knows but I am alive today. I suffered 8 strokes in my brain leaving me with damage and leading me to long term disability from work. I have used this time to serve the Lord. Completing the Chaplaincy program. Taking currently the Soul Care classes. Hopefully serving as a volunteer in a hospital. Nursing home, even in a prison.  I would like to be an Elder one day in the NACM. I wouldn’t do anything different about Covid. Last year there was no vaccines yet. Since then me and my wife have gotten both doses and in 5 months will get the booster shot. I was skeptical about everything because the debate today seems to be don’t follow the government and let them take away your freedom to chose. I heard trust the science. I trust in the Lord. Because of my age and where I worked as a first responder led me to catch Covid 19 Pneumonia. It is no conspiracy theory. It hit me sudden. One minute I was battling pneumonia, throwing up blood clots and getting Covid 19 and fighting for my life in the ICU for three weeks. Some people caught Covid mildly will hardly any effects some nearly died like me. It’s real. It’s not about giving up your freedom of choice. God gives us knowledge and yes we have a free will just like salvation in Jesus. But God uses science and we everyday take precautions to not get sick. I look at Covid as taking a precaution to not get it. There is this debate about the mandates, Government can’t make us, etc. It comes down to faith in God. I have faith God will be there for me like He did before this last January. He holds the keys to death and life. If there’s ways to get a shot and stay healthy then do  so. But respect those who were skeptical like me last year and decided not too. 

    • STOP,
      Do NOT recommend JAB,
      Cytotoxic Gene Therapy!
      You have been deceived by demonic entities in men like Fauci, Gates, FDA, CDC, WHO, NIH, AMA, APhA, Media-nites, ETC…
      Be thankful for your God given immunity!!!
      Seek HIS forgiveness for your lack of TRUTH, fear, and recommendation.
      Keep your immunity up by taking Vit D3, etc…
      Glad you were one of the 99.9% survival rate… Covid 
      Deaths over reported(nobody died from old age, FLU, COPD, PNEUMONIA, HEART DISEASE, DIABETES, ETC…in 2020), Early Therapy denied, Fake News(lies), and DEATHS from Jab underreported!!!
      USN (ret) LCDR
      Registered Pharmacist

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