Has anyone in NC been traveling to help the first responders at the Pilot Mountain fires>?

Let me know, as I would be happy to travel with you.



Have worked full time on a part time basis as a missionary pastor for more than 4 decades. Worked in most of the Islands. Covid pretty much ceased my travel activities so the Lord had me begin anew here in NC.

Currently serve as Chaplain for VFW/American Legion Posts, volunteer clergy for hospitals, and tithe partner for NC food bank, Samaritan ministries, and Vet House here in NC.

Work and visit with retired and former Vets in assisted living and hospitals.

Selected to compete on the U.S. Masters Olympic Weightlifting Team. (see USAW Master Weightlifting).

I am the current 2021 National, Pan American, North American, and World Masters Olympic Weightlifting Champion. I recently received the "Grand Slam" Award in Masters Weightlifting for winning Gold in all Masters Weightlifting Events in 2021, and I thank the Lord for this honor. (see Grand Slam Champions in USA Masters Olympic Weightlifting).

Current LWC referee, working towards National certification.

J esus is my life!

E xtremely thankful for the Lord allowing me to still compete!
S aving souls via the Spirit!
U sing every available means to bring the Word to all He allows!
S piritually growing every day!

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