NC Gathering

Yesterday, the North Carolina group had a wonderful time in Tarboro, NC. The weather was chilly but the fellowship was warm and the food was tasty. I’ve tried several ways to post pictures and a video but I can’t.
Oh well, you just have to be in the number the next time we gather together.

Jacqueline Withers (2)

I was ordained by a mainline denomination in 2013. I have preached in Methodist, Baptist, Lutheran, and Pentecostal churches. I volunteered as a Chaplain in a hospital and served as an Associate Pastor for several years when I lived in NJ.

Since moving to NC I've spoken at several church functions and currently co-host a ministry, "Healing the Wounded Soul". I recently joined the C2W (Called to Write) ministry at my local church where I'm part of a writing team for seasonal plays.


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