IMPORTANT UPDATE: Project Free Elder Freewater

On March 30th we posted the following NACM OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT (below) about our NACM Nigerian Elder Freewater Issah’s life-threatening situation, and felt led by the Spirit to help him and his family escape to a safe location outside Nigeria, as was his intentions.   Yesterday, APRIL 3rd, Brother Freewater messaged me to let me know that the Lord has guided him instead to stay in Nigerian, as many Christians have come to him for encouragement and he feels now the Lord wants him to remain and encourage believers there in standing strong in Christ in the face of this persecution.

So He has asked that we would cease to raise funds now that plans have changed.  So as of today, April 4th, Easter Sunday, complying with Freewater’s wishes, we are stopping the GoFundMe account; the money that was donated we will send to Freewater’s account there (safely by direct deposit: $800 as of today), which will help him and his family to keep shelter and obtain food (often they can only afford one meal a day).  THANK YOU from Brother Freewater, as he wished me to relay, to all who are praying and contributed; PLEASE CONTINUE TO PRAY for our Elder Freewater, his family, and all the other believers there that the Lord would keep them safe, that the USA & United Nations would put pressure on the Nigerian government to stop these Fulani attacks on Christians, and that He would empower the believers to stand strong and be united.

“Remember those in prison as if you were bound with them, and those who are mistreated as if you were suffering with them” (Heb 13:3)

– Rev Rodger Niemeier, NACM Exec Elder


The MARCH 30th POST:


         Initiation of NACM PROJECT:  FREE ELDER FREEWATER     March 30th, 2021

We are sharing a very important message about a SPECIAL PROJECT unlike anything we’ve done before.  You may be well aware that there are increasing persecutions against Christians, our Brothers & Sisters in Christ in several countries, by which they are being targeted by Muslim radicals: stealing their livestock (or killing them), overtaking their properties, abducting wives and young children (to enslave, abuse or sell), and often killing the men/husbands (even beheading). 

We’ve come to know this more FIRST HAND through some of our own NACM members living and ministering in these increasingly dangerous areas!  One of our member ministers in Nigeria, Rev Freewater Nathaniel Issah – who is also our Lead Elder for Nigeria (for many years now) and founder of a Bible seminary there, training young men called into ministry – has had his farm and livestock destroyed, been threatened to be abducted and killed twice and escaped, and with his wife and children fled to a southern area of Nigeria – which also is increasingly seeing persecution there now as well. 

SO PLEASE EARNESTLY PRAY FOR ELDER FREEWATER & FAMILY: and all the Nigerian Christians seeking refuge.  ALSO PLEASE PRAY THAT THE PRESENT USA ADMINISTRATION, CONGRESS & UNITED NATIONS WILL PUT PRESSURE ON NIGERIA’S PRESIDENT & GOVERNMENT to stop this!  (There are Christian lawyers/congressmen already trying to do this!)


  1. UPDATE:

    Our Nigeria Elder Rev Freewater Issah and family are at this time SAFE in southern Nigeria; they felt the Lord has led them to remain there for the time being so they can assist and encourage other Christians who are looking to Brother Freewater for such.  PLEASE CONTINUE TO PRAY for all our Nigerian Brothers & Sisters in Christ – for protection, provision, and His clear leading – as well, for the Nigerian government to come under scrutiny for allowing this Muslim persecution to continue and increase, that free nations around the world would put pressure on Nigeria to stop!

    AT THE REQUEST OF REV FREEWATER, WE HAVE CLOSED THE GOFUNDME FUNDRAISER and passed the proceeds on to him, to use in whatever way would be helpful to them.  THANK YOU to all NACM Members who gave and all you who have been and are PRAYING!  THANK YOU SO MUCH!

    – Rev Rodger Niemeier, NACM Exec Elder

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