Warrior. Prayer

“Yes, though. I walk through the valley of the shadow of death. I shall fear no evil, for. You are with me. (Psalm. 23:4),. God,. I put my trust in. You and as Psalm 91 tels me,. I will feel in the secret place of the. Most. High and hide under the shadow of the. Almighty.” I will say of the. Lord,” He is my refuge and my fortress, my. God on. Him,. I will trust.” ,(Psalm 91:2) God. I ask. You to take care of my comrades and me as we defend freedom. Give us wisdom,. courage, and love for the task at hand. Even though the mission requires me to fight a physical enemy. I realize my struggles are against. Satan. God fill me with love and compassion for the people. I fight against and teach me how to be victorious over my spiritual. enemies.. please be with my love ones back home and protect them by your Holy Spirit. Comfort them in the times of fear and loneliness. God, please hold them close to. You while. I am away and let them feel loved and cared for in my absence. Please. Lord, make. _____________________________________,. _________________________, ______________________________, , and ________________________________________ (family members,). strong in faith and resolute to follow. You all the days of their lives. Thank. You, Lord., I put my fellow, warriors and myself in. Your capable, infinite arms..We rest in. You,. In. Jesus’s. Name. Amen.🤩

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