In the early morning hours, I finally gave into the Holy Spirit to look for and read an area in the word that is needed for a current teaching series that I have been led to do while here in New Jersey. And just as the notebook was being closed, some pictures that were set aside for our vision was out of place. The first reaction was just to place them anywhere within the notebook and then go back and put them in the proper place…But I heard in my spirit ‘Don’t move your vision around, you must know at all time just where your vision is’. WOW! This is what the Holy Spirit woke me up for, it was more about the placement and focus of my vision as well as the word that was needed. The word, he directed me to was concerning entering into a covenant to obey the voice of the Lord and here He was giving me instructions from the Lord concerning the vision.

This is a valuable lesson for all of us. We can misplace the sight of our visions because of life as well as other ministry obligations. It is not just enough to know where your vision is but where you are in the vision? What has been established through the work of the Lord? Have we missed some of the instructions given and therefore a portion of the vision has not been fulfilled? Have we allowed others to step in and move our vision?

We felt it necessary to share this experience with you as we are settling down today to take a look at our vision, gain an understanding of where it is, as well as to pull things back into perspective that we have allowed to stray…..In all our main goal is that you; (we) all have an understanding of just God has placed within us, that he has equipped us for such a work and that he is faithful to perform it- in his time of course; we just have to have a handle on what he gave us. Yes, we must give an account of where the vision is that he gave us. So, we shall render this question to each of you; ‘where is your vision? Can you put your hands on it? And in what stage of the vision are you in?

We encourage you to ponder these questions, seeking the Lord for guidance once you discover the answers. We love you without measure, simply because we believe in the Potential of YOU!

Yours in Christ,

Elder Angel Ferguson                                                                                                                                                                                                   The Balance of Life, Christian Talk Radio & Television Ministry

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