April 2022 Ministry Updates

New NACM group: UGANDA: for NACM Member Ministers in Uganda (or those interested in Uganda ministries) – click here to join: https://nacministers.org/groups/uganda/forum/


● SoulCare 101: Ministering to Unsaintly Saints (How to help Christians face real issues & change
● SoulCare 102: Overcoming Root Issues: Helping People Identify, Address & Resolve Root Issues
● NACM Christian Chaplaincy Course: required for NACM Chaplain licensing; excellent training for ministering to hurting, traumatized people in any mode of ministry
● Essential Elements of Effective Ministry Leadership (John Maxwell certified training)

○ ALL OF THESE COURSES ARE HERE: https://nacm.pathwright.com/library/

NACM STATE GATHERINGS COMING UP in 2022 (click on link for more info for each)

All State Gatherings include an ORDINATION CONFIRMATION CEREMONY: laying-on-of-hands blessing for NACM member ministers desiring it (must be already ordained by the NACM online process)

Indiana [April 30th] – https://nacministers.org/groups/indiana/forum/
Massachusetts 1st [May 14th] – https://nacministers.org/groups/massachusetts/forum/
Washington [May 14th] – https://nacministers.org/groups/washington/forum/
Virginia 1st [May 15th] – https://nacministers.org/groups/virginia/forum/
Michigan [June 25th] – https://nacministers.org/groups/michigan/forum/
Texas 1st [June 26th] – https://nacministers.org/groups/texas/forum/

OTHER STATES SEEKING MEMBER RESPONSE to plan a 2022 Gathering: go to your State webpage and post of your interest!

Alabamahttps://nacministers.org/groups/alabama-al/forum/ [Elders Timothy Westmoreland; Darren Garris]

Californiahttps://nacministers.org/groups/california/forum/ [Elder George Meilahn ]

Floridahttps://nacministers.org/groups/florida/forum/ [Elders Jan & Lourdes Cary; Gordon Winans]

Illinoishttps://nacministers.org/groups/illinois/forum/ [Elder Bob Wright]

Kentucky https://nacministers.org/groups/kentucky/forum/ [Elder Steve Davis]

Minnesotahttps://nacministers.org/groups/minnesota/forum/ [Elder Greg Moller ]

New Jerseyhttps://nacministers.org/groups/new-jersey/forum/ [Elder Elaine Rivera]

New Yorkhttps://nacministers.org/groups/new-york/ [Elder Jeffrey Lamphear]

North Carolinahttps://nacministers.org/groups/north-carolina/forum/ [Elder Edgar Hariston]

Ohiohttps://nacministers.org/groups/ohio/forum/ [Elder Paul Hawkins]

Tennesseehttps://nacministers.org/groups/tennessee/forum/ [Elders Anita Moore/Jody Secaur]

West Virginiahttps://nacministers.org/groups/west-virginia/forum/ [Elder Clarence Camara ]

Celebrating the Laying on of Hands in Augusta, KY with Steven Davis, State Coordinating Elder


Member Minister Spotlight Vincent R. Faulkner has been honored by TBN for his book Seeds: Growing with God -Planting Season

Excerpt:  Whether you are a Christian or have never met Jesus, the best time in your life to grow with God is now! Your relationship with Him is like growing a crop. If you don’t plant enough spiritual seeds in you, then you will never see the full harvest God has intended for you as His child.

    • Open your heart, mind and soul to spiritual empowerment and eternal life when you meet Jesus for the first time or grow even closer to Him.
    • Always find Jesus with an open invitation to resurrect or restore you whenever you read this book.
    • Cultivate the word of God in you, growing your spiritual plantation for harvest in the kingdom of heaven for eternity.

Details Below…

For more details, see https://kingsofchrist.com/

Michael Mooney, NACM Executive Elder (153)

I live in Greenville SC. I am married to the woman of my dreams and we have 4 children. I have been in ministry 20+ years. I graduated from Liberty University. I have a Diploma of Biblical Studies, Bachelor of Science in Religion, Master of Business Administration, and a Master of I/O Psychology. I most enjoy camping, music production, and basking in the presence of the Holy Spirit while worshipping.

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