prayer answered & now??

Vance my step son has come back to Jesus Christ –He was missing for 2 months !
Tuesday August 6,2019 in the morning ! He had been at the hospital & they Hooked him up with a CHRISTIAN GROUP That to him to N.C. – He had been traveling with them ! He has finally come to the end of his rope — He has really given his life to Jesus Christ ! Now I ask you all to pray for him to get a job & a place to live- He has quit chasing his own life-He is now ready to live right -thank you all for praying

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  1. Kennith,

    Diana got her Driver License but does not like picture– She is needing a very real move of God in her life! He is very weak & has no strength–She is wanting to be set free from stress ! She is very sad — just pray thank you! George

  2. Hello Brother Sebera,

    Our Heavenly Father does not forsake us for no reasons. Diana maybe going through trials and tribulation the result of depression and loss of driver licence. Ask her to breathe, then take short steps as He whisper's in her ears about her journey. She has to listen in her own time. Yet, when she is ready, She will hear His words of comforts.

    I lost my driver license the result of a skiing accident. There were many more calamities which continue to interfere with life still today.  These worries must be given to God. I will pray daily for her. She can win and will have victory. Your patient is in place because you are with her to reassure her of, her worth. The Lord is powerful.

    Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is admirable — if anything is excellent is praiseworthy think about such things (Philip 4:8 Holy Bible, NIV)



  3. Diana needs to be set free from depression Plus she needs her drivers license and does not want to have her picture taken –the appointment is made — she is depressed about life too ! She has lost her strength & is very tried & weak — She needs a miracle now– Please just pray how God Leads YOU !!    George

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