New Book – “Let’s Get UnStuck”!

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Nina Wilson (1)

I was a very young child, age 5 when I first answered the call to Jesus for salvation. I was baptized. When I was in my thirties and forties,"">I experienced some low points,"">I was a divorced, single parent and I turned to my local church for a spiritual covering and was baptized again. I began to re-engage in serving and I would serve this ministry for 17 years.A few years later, I lost one of my three daughters to complications from a mental illness. The following January, I finally answered the calling on my life by God to preach and teach the Gospel and to serve the body of Christ in humility wherever He leads.I was licensed again on 3/13/22 after moving back to Atlanta in 2018 when I joined Berean Christian Church under the leadership of Rev. Dr. Kerwin B. Lee. (I lived in Atlanta previously from 1989 - 1998)My primary objective is to spread the Gospel through the use of my spiritual gifts of exhortation and teaching for the purposes of evangelism and fulfilling the Great Commission, teaching and preaching in my local church, facilitating Bible studies, and seeking to empower those lacking in faith to believe in the grace and the mercies of God, with hopes they may receive deliverance from abuse, "">trauma, tragedy, and pain; and to teach others under the anointing of the Holy Spirit how to seek the Lord through prayer and His Word about the Kingdom of God and His righteousness - so that “all these things” will be added to them.

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  1. Hello Nina – congrats on your new book!

    As one of the NACM Executive Elders, I just wanted to let you know there is a webgroup on the NACM website (link below) where our members can share (not directly solicit sales – just "share" about a book, article or music CD they've published).  This cannot be done anywhere else on the NACM website BUT this "Members Publications" webgroup on the NACM website.  We do this to prevent our "fellowship" website from becoming a consumer-based means of sales of members' productions – that would really affect (negatively) the purpose and character of our website.  So know that we will remove posts for members' books/music CD's, etc., from other places posted on the website OTHER THAN the linked group below.

    Hope this makes sense to you; we certainly encourage and celebrate the publications of our members and want our membership to know about them: but at the same time, we want to do this "decently and in order" to preserve the intended purpose and character of our fellowship.

    Thank you for understanding!

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