Prayers for the homeless

I pray this for my friend Scott, and for all those who are homeless or about to become homeless.

O God, there is so much pain in this world…it makes me want to see the kingdom come today. All too often I see people living under bridges, in cardboard boxes, with little or nothing to eat. Several churches have ministries that seek out these people in very hard places and so I am asking You to bless them and their ministries. God, use these homeless people’s problems to draw them close to You so they might have a saving relationship with You through Your Son’s redemptive work at Calvary. Help someone receive a bit of hope today but most importantly, give them the only hope in this life and the life to come that is found only in Jesus Christ (Acts 4:12). Even a small amount of hope is better than no hope at all. I pray I or someone else can give a homeless person who is hurting some hope. Many of them have lost everything but we can offer them the gift of everlasting life and they can inherit all things and for that is what I pray for the glory of the name I pray in, Jesus Christ, amen.

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