No Room for Labels

When people ask you about your faith how do you respond? Do you get uncomfortable or self conscience? Do you look forward to sharing the Gospel with someone new and hopefully bring another child of God into the Body of Christ? This may not be something you think about or it hasn’t happened to you; but why not? We are called to live our faith and by this people will see a difference in us, if this something you don’t share or talk about with strangers you have missed a large piece of your walk with Christ. Sharing is exactly what we have been commanded to do, to the four corners of the world; and your backyard is not excluded.

When we drive down the street in any town in our country, and in many places in the world, we see churches with more names than there are colors in a Crayola box. Here in lies a fundamental issue and so I ask again; When people ask you about your faith how do you respond? For many, the answer is Methodist, Baptist, Catholic or some other version of worship that we as a people have custom made to our particular likely. You may reply that you go to The Edge, The Rock or some other trendy named church. In any case these answers are all incorrect; as we should all answer in unison Christian; and then you can say you attended Sluggo’s House of Prayer or where ever you choose to worship. If this isn’t your reply, Christian not Sluggo’s, you may very well have been following a path that is a scriptural dead end with man made rites and conditions that have no foundation in the Word.

The Church, big C, is God’s house not matter the location and as such is to be governed by the scriptures and the Gospel of Jesus Christ. When churches preach around issues and openly embrace that which God has condemned they show that they are not Christian churches at all and are earning the name on the door; i.e. their denomination rather than their inheritance into the Kingdom of Heaven by not following scripture and/or some earthly dogma or ritual. We, as Christians need to carefully examine how and what we are doing through our worship time and by extension in our daily lives. There is no room for labels when it comes to worshiping the Lord and scriptures are the only guide to that worship. If this upsets you or is shocking to you; good you needed to be shocked. Many of us have fallen into an auto pilot spiritual life that is less about the Word and all about the world.  This needs to end, yesterday.

We know that the closer we come to the end of times that people will fall away from the church and many false teachers and prophets will steal away followers who aren’t grounded in the scripture and will appeal to the worlds brokenness rather than condemning it. We can see this everyday and twice on Sunday throughout the church community; where sin is made acceptable in the house of God and is taught to our children by a government that is no longer “under God”.

As with anything, dive into scripture and see for yourself that what I say is true, don’t just take my word for it or your pastor or any other flawed human. The Bible is a living book and is our owners manual for this world, read it, follow it and use it. We will all be judged by the same standard but not all of us will measure up.

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