Something Out of Luke…

I just finished Luke 17. Putting aside the rapture, the very beginning of the chapter got me to thinking that, even though we can never truly be perfect like the Father, Christ is giving us advice on becoming better than we were, not just in His word, but in examples, like the cleansed Samaritan leper. However, He also tells us how we can improve by our new nature: the Kingdom of God cometh not with observation (like following the Law), neither shall they say, “Lo, here” or, “Lo, there”, for the Kingdom of God is within us. We pray for the Kingdom of God to come in the Lord’s prayer. We’re praying for the Kingdom to come within us. We’re praying to be changed by God’s Kingdom, and His will to be done by us. The change starts inside, and carries on outside. The letter of the Law killeth, but the Spirit giveth life. God gives us new life in salvation, which gives us the Kingdom within. We pray for the Kingdom to come within us, changing us for the better, because we can’t obey the Law perfectly, but we can obey the spirit of the Law by having it in us.

David Miller (17)

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