Something Caught My Eye in Isaiah…

I actually did a study on the book some weeks ago. It’s interesting to me that the book is so encouraging and comforting. Much of the book is about comforting and encouraging the Israelites in regard to the hard times coming their way. They’re promised about the coming Messiah, who can take away their sins. They’re promised a coming return to their nation. They’re promised a recreation of all creation, in which they will be able to enjoy communion with God. It’s a wonderful book to read when you’re feeling hopeless. It shows us that there’s always hope. God knows what we’re going through, He goes through it with us, and He will bring us out of it. One day, all suffering will cease, and we’ll live in a world God intended from the beginning.

David Miller (11)

The Lord has laid on my heart the ministry of a street chaplain. I've lived all over this country. I love God and this fellowship. My ministry can be found at

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