Manasseh and Josiah…

Just finished 2nd Chronicles, and chapters 33 and 35 stick out. Manasseh did all kinds of evil, and God judged him, but He also gave him a chance to repent, which he greatly did, and not only did God forgive him, but He restored him to his office. Sure, when he died, he was buried in his own house, but I think he would have been humbled enough to accept that, and not think of himself as deserving of a burial with his ancestors. Compare to Josiah. He was a righteous king, and even had a famous Passover. However, it seems that pride got the better of him, he went to battle with the king of Egypt, and he died. That shows us two important things we should all remember. First, no matter how far we fall, humble repentance to God will result in forgiveness, and even restoration; pride, however, goes before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall. I know both ends of the comparison personally, and I will always strive to be humble to God

David Miller (17)

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