How have you treated Jesus lately?

 If you love the Lord then you want to know the truth. This is truth. The Bible says His people perish for lack of knowledge. I don’t want that to be true of me. Usually, we think well I worship Him and pray to Him, so I guess I’m good. Jesus said anything we do to any one of His servants, we are doing it to or for Him.

The Bible says it not me. Math 25:’ 40 And the King will answer and say to them, ‘Assuredly, I say to you, inasmuch as you did it to one of the least of these My brethren, you did it to Me. ’He said if you give even a cup of water to His servant you will not lose your reward. Did you get that? There is a reward for giving or blessing another believer; no reward if you don’t. The Bible says so Math10: 40-42 If you receive a prophet as a prophet, you will receive a prophet’s reward. There are rewards or no rewards for how we receive and treat other believers. You’re doing it for Jesus, the Bible says so.


The Bible says, “God isn’t a respecter of persons.” As believers we aren’t called to rule and reign over other believers, but we are called to rule and reign together. You see where the Spirit of the Lord is there is liberty. This means freedom. Freedom to hear God’s voice and freedom to obey Him. Freedom to use the gifts God has given you and freedom to be led by His Spirit.


The Bible says to esteem others higher than our own selves. Every believer is important, their gifts are important and necessary. God didn’t call any of us to be exalted over everyone else. We are to treat others like we would treat Jesus. There has only ever been one mediator between God and man, only Jesus. Let there be liberty in Jesus’ name! Treat Him good today, by doing it for another believer.


It’s not about me and mine, it’s about Him and His. You and I aren’t more important than everyone else. Your gifts aren’t more important. It’s just as important for every believer to operate in their gifts as it is for me to operate in mine. Every believer has a right to master their call and use their gifts. When you treat believers like cattle, you’re exalting yourself.


When you favor someone because of their stature or because they are wealthy, you’re doing that to Jesus. Didn’t have time for someone today, you may have missed the Lord. The ministry is all about having time for people. Someone might live under a bridge and walk with God. Don’t miss your rewards. Every believer is royalty, yes, all believers are sons of God because of what Jesus done for them.


Jesus is with them who are led by the Spirit. You and I better treat them like royalty unless we want to pass up rewards. Don’t let Jesus get away today without blessing Him. I guarantee He will come to you today in the form of another believer. Don’t miss your reward today. Don’t miss a chance to interact with Jesus today. 

Robert Dunsing (16)

I saw Jesus 25 years ago in a vision that lasted 15 minutes. I could never understand what the vision meant for all these years. I told a couple people this vision and they could'nt understand it either. I just forgot about it until in 2018 the when Lord brought it to my memory and gave me the understanding of this vision. I'll make this long story short.I saw Him in great detail, I could see His eye pupils and His adams apple. He never looked at me once and I thought He never spoke to me. Until now I know He spoke many things to me. This vision was sealed for this time were in. I believe this final harvest,I remember the look of great concern on His face as He looked about the face of the earth. He showed me there was two main reasons for His concern. The greater reason is that He paid the price for everyone to be saved and yet people are still choosing to go to hell. His second concerne is where are His people and why arent they doing something about it.I can share this vision in detail, I saw a man who was left behind and He wasnt able to go with Jesus when He came. The coming of the Lord came quickly and the man was left behind. The Lord doesnt want any one to go to hell not even one person. This vision entails my calling, sharing the gospel with all the world and prepairing believers for the ministry of sharing the good news. I also am teaching people to walk in their gifts and calling.

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