Have a Holy Ghost Filled Weekend!

Praise the Lord Saints! Happy Friday! What a wonderful day to glorify and magnify His name! I give God all the praise and glory that each day is a brand-new beginning. “His mercies are new every morning,” We have the ability and freedom to hit the reset button each day! Glory to God. What a privilege to be able to pivot into something new by a simple decision. Our God is an awesome God! Don’t you agree. If there is something in your life, or if the vision in your heart doesn’t line up with the circumstances you see. Glory to God, you have the ability to change course and set out on a new path to victory. Pray about it and let the Holy Spirit light the pathway to a new beginning! Have an awesome and amazing Holy Ghost filled weekend!

Toni Hayes (1)

I am a Prayer Ministry Leader, I founded a women's prayer ministry 3 years ago. I mentor, lead, and teach women how to pray, how to have a closer relationship with God, how to live a pure, clean and holy life, how to cover their husbands, children, grandchildren with prayer. I inspire and exhort every week. I counsel women who are going through tough situations and seasons. I encourage and confort women who are feeling depressed, lonely, or suffering loss. I've gone into hospitals to pray for the sick, and lay hands on them for healing. I've seen miracles take place, and people have been raised from the bed of sickness and affliction after being told they would not recover, or would remain maimed. God has used me mightly through-out the years. I'm now being called Minister Toni, Pastor Toni as the calling of God is being recognized by my associates, colleagues' family and friends.

I have been called by God to the work of the Ministry and would like to go through a more formal (Man recognized acceptable formality) of being recognized as an official minister of the Gospel.

I have been a Christian for 42 years. I am married to a Christian man, we both love the Lord with all of our heart and serve Him with gladness. We attend a church faithfully. But, with the pandemic our normal practices have been hindered. And it's not church as usual. We are barely returning to services. I mentioned to my Pastor in 2019 that I was called to be a minister. But Covid came, and the church was closed for more than a year. I want to be legitimately recognized as a Minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. And continue to serve God's people with and through prayer, counseling, and guidance to a deeper relationship with God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.

I'm seeking another avenue for this to happen, since I don't know when we will be officially back at church with full services, leadership training etc.

Simply stated; I love The Father, The Lord Jesus, and The Holy Spirit with all my mind, and heart. I am dedicated to God, I defer to Him, I am lead by Him, and I live my life in holiness. I don't drink, smoke, do drugs, party, gamble, or behave in riotous ways. I'm peaceful, humble, and a kind loving woman of God.
I'm married, with three daughters, eleven grandchildren and have a great relationship with them all. I love my family with all my heart.

May our Lord and Savior bless you.
Toni Hayes

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