Glad and thankful to be back

Hello to everyone. I am so thankful to our Father and His Son Jesus Christ. And Im happy to be back here. I have been absent and my story is pretty long.  I had reached a point physically with medical issues that i could not  feel my body. I literally put it in the Fathers hands and I ended up being shown that this is the path I need to be back on. I was shown to go back to the Word and live a life being a disciple of Jesus Christ. So here I am and I say BOLDLY , “SEND ME”  

I recently purchased a domain name I had back in 2011-2012 called again.  It will soon be up and running.  This year i was told I would be disabled and on pain management forever after 3 major surgeries back to back. well, Jesus said I do not think so.  I am so happy to see this new platform and be part of it again. I look forward to fellowship with all of you. God Bless

Jeremy Barker


Jeremy Barker (3)

Hello I have been gone a bit but I’m back from doing street and addiction hands on stuff. I’m now at a full time campsite relaxing my body and dealing with some imaging that I never knew about concerning my brain stem. Jesus is truly working in my life.

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  1. Good Morning to all my Nacm family. Wonderful to be able to fellowship with like minded Christians from the safety of my home. May the Lord draw you closer today and cause His face to Shine upon you.

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