Fire with Fire

The term fighting fire with fire is a common statement during times of struggle and strife. Giving someone a taste of their own medicine is the goal, but is it really necessary? Sometime we are called to fight and defend ourselves and others, but in doing so we do not need to use the same methods as the enemy. They acted out of spite and hate but we are called to love. Our actions should be founded in the love of the Lord and exercised in a hope to save our enemy from damnation not to get even but to get beyond this world.

Shadrach, Meshach and Abed-Nego definitely knew about fire and how to walk through it unharmed. Their unending faith in our God saved them from the furnace and showed that with God anything is possible. We may face trials and fires of our own but what hasn’t changed since the beginning is that we serve an awesome God and nothing is impossible through Him.

When the enemy is attacking and his fire is all around we need to look to the Lord for protection and guidance. Our faith is our ultimate shield and also our ultimate weapon. Satan has no power over God children, although he will never cease his attacks. His goal is to distract and confuse so that we step away from the Lord. When he comes, cast him out with the name of Jesus and keep your eyes on the cross. If we stay focused on the cross and remain faithful to our Lord, there is nothing that can separate you from your salvation. Our lives are lived one step at a time and we just need to keep those steps on the narrow path headed to the narrow gate. No fire can burn us out of His hands or steal away our salvation. Through Jesus we are fireproof.

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