“The bread of life”

Bread is so very simple, it can sustain life. It is also very complex. Please, before you read beyond this point, get your Bible.

God gave Israel bread from heaven. Exodus 16:4
“Manna” is Hebrew for “what is it.”
What did it taste like? This is my opinion, but I believe it must have tasted like a graham cracker. Exodus 16:31.

In the tabernacle was the table of Shewbread, or the bread of Presence. Exodus 25:30

When we eat a meal in fellowship, we say “breaking bread together.” Acts 2:42

We eat unleavened (without sin) bread during communion to represent the body of Christ. Gospels and 1 Corinthians 11

Jesus was born in Bethlehem. Matthew 2:1. Bethlehem is Hebrew for “house of bread.”

Jesus is the bread of life. Look at John 6:33; John 6:35

We can’t do this journey of life and beyond without Jesus. Look at the explanation in 1 Kings 19: 5-8. Another point the bring forward; one known title of Jesus is “The angel of the Lord.”

Give us this day our daily bread!


Thomas Clark . (1)

I was raised in a Christian home, southern Baptist. I joined the Air Force at the age of 20. I was married quickly, had two wonderful children, unfortunately divorced quickly.
I was married again to my current wife of 22 years. After 10 years in the Air Force I volunteered an honorable discharge. I became a paramedic and after 20 years retired. At the age of 42 was diagnosed with MS, became very angry and self destructive. My mother died in 2012 and at her funeral my aunt told me that my mother and father always said that I was their prodigal son. I had no idea what how significant that was, or what it even meant until several years later. In 2016 I walked out on my family, became promiscuous and fueled by alcohol. During time, my wife found our Lord and through prayer and forgiveness brought me home and led me to our Savior. It was July 22, 2017, that is when I learned what forgiveness is. My more to my story; went into a wheelchair, am now out of it. Praise God!! I want to do nothing but yo love and serve, and plant seeds for Jesus.

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  1. Insightful. I pray that His eternal life, the bread of life, sustains me and my family as we earnestly seek Him in these trying times. I hear people with so much fear and apprehension — fearing they will want for food in times to come. I pray my family will never hunger because they eat bread that can never run out of supply. I pray that our country and the World understand the efforts of loving compassion the Lord is allowing in order to get us to see Him and call upon Him and to turn from our neglect of Him. Thanks for sharing. 

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