Are you empty for God?

Are you empty for God?
Interesting question isn’t it? so many ways that can be asked, interpreted, understood.
Let’s ask another question.
Are you filled with the indwelt Spirit of God? Is there a place in you reserved exclusively for Him?
One more…..
Have you emptied yourself to make room for Him?
These are questions that require some thought. They require each of us to take a thorough inventory of ourselves and our spiritual state. But they are questions that require us to be honest with ourselves and with Jesus about just what kind of relationship we want to have with Him.
Can you really have a relationship, even a conversation in a loud, crowded place full of distractions and demanded “priorities” screaming to be first? Isn’t it easier in a quiet place, where you can think, concentrate, make decisions in calm without distraction, haste and outside influence?
Where are you with Jesus? Do you sit to have conversations in the quiet where you can give your undivided attention and receive His fellowship, his time; or do you rush past Him in the crowded area as He is shoved aside and crowded out by all the things between you and Him? How much of Him do you want?
I want that quiet place, that time, that attention, His presence, His fellowship, laughter, deep conversations and His unerring guidance and direction in my life. I want the empty room and will not settle for the crowded area with anything between us to distract or take away from the experiences we have in our private meetings. So, I schedule private meetings everyday with Him; and He always comes! I have missed a few, when I travel mostly, but it is an off feeling (a different emptiness) and I long for those private meetings even when I miss just one. Those are the crowded places where He is waiving to me over heads but I lose track of Him. He forgives me and we reluctantly reschedule. It is the time I have come to cherish and the crowded areas just will not do! This is my spirit longing for the spirit of my Savior; for the comfort of His presence. It is the desire for the indwelling of His Spirit; to never be without Him.
He has told us He will never leave us or forsake us. Deuteronomy 31:6, Hebrews 13:5
We are not alone, but it sure can feel that way, can’t it?
If we want the indwelling of the Holy Spirit and His comfort; to live abundantly and in the favor of the Almighty God; if we want the presence of the comforter, then we must walk after the Spirit of God, the Holy Spirit. He has pursued us, and saved us and now requests, requires and longs to be pursued by us. He desires a closer fellowship with us and holiness in us.
Jesus has told us to lay down our lives, pick up our cross and follow Him. Matthew 10:38 & 16:24, Mark 8:34, Luke 9:23 & 14:27. 5 times He tells us this!
Does He mean to literally lie down and physically die? No, but He does mean that it is time to set aside your life to pursue a life with Him. It means He is to be put first before even our own lives. At first this sounds like such a huge sacrifice He is asking of us…until you put it in perspective; in context. He did literally physically suffer brutal, callous treatment to be then crucified to die a horrendous, prolonged, physically agonizing death to stand blameless, as ultimate, final sacrifice in the presence of the Father. All to claim us as His own, and as clean, spotless, holy and pure because He loves us. He has covered us with His own blood. He has covered our sinful filthy blood with His own to present us holy to His father to save us from a fate worse than He endured! To save us from an eternity in HELL. What could we possibly do for Him that comes anywhere near close to that? Even in our own physical death, we could not repay or accomplish for mankind (or ourselves) what Jesus did in this act of ultimate love and sacrifice for us; for our salvation.
To change our selfish lives in, at the very least, acknowledgement of His work for our salvation, should be a small thing. If I am not changing to follow the Spirit of God, how much am I even acknowledging His work, much less showing my gratitude and thankfulness for a debt I could not even begin to repay; a price that I am not qualified to pay for myself but know with every fiber of who I am, without doubt, I need paid?
Christian, followers of Christ: if you call yourselves Christians, this is who you are professing to be. Are you following Christ? Are you giving up the life you live, that you chose, to be lead by the Holy Spirit? Is it a sacrifice and a struggle to do it?
Then you need to run harder in His direction! He did not tell us it would be easy but here is the reality:
The harder you pursue Him, the closer He becomes to you. The more earnestly you desire His presence and fellowship and strive for it; the more of it He gives! The more you give up to follow Him, and to become holy and transformed, the more of Himself, of His character, of His Spirit, of His blessings of abundance He gives you. The laying down of your own life, desires, belongings, reasoning, imaginings, pride and any other thing that is between you and Him, only empties your hands, heart, mind and spirit to receive the abundance He is waiting to fill you with! To receive an abundant life, you need to be empty of yourself to hold all that He is ready to pour out into your life. Now, abundance may not be material things, money or physical comforts. Yes, those are blessings but abundance is experienced; it is the joy, peace, surety, security recognition and honor, the riches found only in the presence of our savior, in His Holy Spirit. The more you give Him, the more He gives to you; the better He gives to you and your understanding and appreciation grow. And yes, lastly there will be temptations, trials, turbulence, and tribulation but you can depend on Him to bring you through, in joy. Yes, in joy! Because He does not leave you or forsake you. He stays closer than a brother. You are never alone.
So lay it down. You have nothing to lose but everything to gain! What would you trade for the presence of your savior, for the presence of Christ? Its a very real question and I hope it makes you think a little harder, want more, and make a decision to follow Him. He didn’t hesitate to lay HIS life down for YOU.

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