Absalom’s Rebellion


A beautiful family’s sweet relationship turns sour! A compassionate brother seeks revenge against his half-brother for committing a crime against their sister Tamar. Absalom rebelled against their father King David for not doing anything about the crime. Amnon’s crime was the rape of his blood relative half-sister; Tamar. This story starts out with family love and works it’s way towards displaying genuinely kind gestures between the siblings. However, later on, this story takes a dive for the worst and displays immoral acts of deceit, lies, and the rape of Tamar. Ultimately, these acts are what resulted in Absalom’s  rebellion against his father; a parent who had the power to do something!

One thing young girls appreciate is the love and the protection of their fathers. This is an act that appears to not have happened in this Bible story.  Tamar went to her father seeking justice. Her brother; Absalom also went to their father seeking justice on her behalf. However, King David ignored the crime. As I read this story, I wondered why a man of such stature ignored the cries and pleas of his family members.   However, I had to do more research about the culture of a prominent King, the compassion of a protective brother, the vulnerability of a teen sister and the conniving acts of a sexually desperate relative to gain a better understanding of the whole story.

2 Samuel Chapters 13- 18

To Be Continued

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