Discouragement: An Effective Weapon Against Ministry

Discouragement: An Effective Weapon Against Ministry

This Guest Post is Written by Anita Connelly, Elder
for the encouragement of ministers.

As ministers of Jesus Christ we face not only our own burdens, but also those of others. Yet as Christians we all face the same cycles of trials and temptations, from valleys to joyous mountaintop experiences. To consider our journeys logically, at any point in time, ministers can find themselves in one of three places in life:

1) We are about to go through a trial

2) We are in the middle of a trial or

3) We just went through a trial

Satan has one goal and that is to destroy all of God’s creation.

He has many tools he uses. One of his best if not the best weapon against us is discouragement. He does not come while we are on a mountaintop, he waits until he knows we are in a battle with something whether it is illness, money issues, home, work or other. His methods are to attack leadership because as in any war, if you take out the generals or platoon leaders the troops may fall back or retreat in loss -that is his hope for us! He waits until these moments and then begins to bombard us with arrows of hopelessness during moments when we have put our armor down.

He tells us:

You failed as a leader… 

You are doing no good for these people or congregation… 
You are worthless to everyone… 
God is done with you and/or your ministry… 
You never amounted to anything… 
You will never make it out of this one… 
This is the illness that will take you out… 
Your children/family friends will NEVER know JESUS because of YOU… 
And the list goes on… 

Discouragement: An Effective Weapon Against Ministry

1Pe 5:8 MKJV
(8). Be sensible and vigilant, because your adversary the Devil walks about like a roaring lion, seeking someone he may devour.

This is NOT what God is saying to you or me, GOD never tears down but builds up! He knows many are facing problems/trials. It seems like Satan is really putting his worst in trying to discourage ministers and leaders of the LORD. Remember God knows you can bear this through his power, he knew ahead of time that you could make it through by his strength.

HE knew Job would not turn on him: 

  • Job 2:1-4 MKJV
    (1). And it happened that a day came when the sons of God came to present themselves before Jehovah. And Satan also came among them to present himself before Jehovah.
    (2). And Jehovah said to Satan, From where do you come? And Satan answered Jehovah and said, From going to and fro in the earth, and from walking up and down in it.
    (3). And Jehovah said unto Satan, Have you set your heart on My servant Job, that there is none like him in the earth, a perfect and an upright man, one who fears God and turns away from evil? And still he is keeping hold of his integrity, although you moved Me against him to destroy him without cause.
    (4). And Satan answered Jehovah and said, Skin for skin, yea, all that a man has he will give for his life. 

(The LORD said he was free to do anything but take Jobs life-imagine losing all family, home, cattle, wife , and even all he had in himself except breath of life. He was truly tormented in nearly every way.) 

This was not because Job had done something, rather a test to show Satan that he is a child of God pure of heart and faithful. IF Job could get through, then certainly we can! He made it through! and what a blessing at the end of this bitter trial as Job prayed for his friends the Lord released his blessing upon Job: Job 42:10 And the LORD turned the captivity of Job, when he prayed for his friends: also the LORD gave Job twice as much as he had before. (This is where double for your trouble comes from). 

Discouragement: An Effective Weapon Against Ministry

We must remain close to the LORD and he will get us through! CLING unto him! NO matter what do not let go. He will turn sorrow into joy. 

  • Job 41:22 MKJV
    (22). In his neck remains strength, and terror dances before him. 
  • Psa 5:11 MKJV
    (11). But let all who put their trust in You rejoice; let them always shout for joy, because You defend them. And let those who love Your name be joyful in You. 
  • Psa 30:5 MKJV
    (5). For His anger is only a moment; in His favor is life. Weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning. 
  • Joh 16:20-22 MKJV
    (20). Truly, truly, I say to you that you will weep and lament, but the world will rejoice. And you will be sorrowful, but your sorrow shall be turned into joy.
    (21). The woman has grief when she bears, because her hour has come. But when she brings forth the child, she no longer remembers the anguish, because of the joy that a man is born into the world.
    (22). And therefore you now have sorrow. But I will see you again, and your heart will rejoice, and no one will take your joy from you. 
  • Gen 49:25 MKJV
    (25). by the God of your father, who shall help you. And may the Almighty bless you with blessings of Heaven above, blessings of the deep that lies beneath, blessings of the breasts and of the womb.  
  • Rom 16:20 MKJV
    (20). And the God of peace shall bruise Satan under your feet shortly. May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you. Amen. 
  • Mat 28:20 MKJV
    (20). Behold, I am with you all the days until the end of the world. Amen.

    Hag_1:13 I am with you, says the LORD.

    Finally, think on this: We are in this world but not of this world. We are here but for a moment and then we are home with the LORD. Rejoice for the end is victory, rejoice for our sorrows and trials will be over one day for we will be with JESUS! 

  • 1Co_9:24 Know you not that they which run in a race run all, but one receives the prize? So run, that you may obtain. 
  • Heb_12:1 Wherefore seeing we also are compassed about with so great a cloud of witnesses, let us lay aside every weight, and the sin which doth so easily beset us, and let us run with patience the race that is set before us, 
  • Heb_13:5 Let your conversation be without covetousness; and be content with such things as you have: for he has said, I will never leave you, nor forsake you. 
  • Rev_21:4 And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain: for the former things are passed away. 
  • Mat_26:29 But I say unto you, I will not drink henceforth of this fruit of the vine, until that day when I drink it new with you in my Father’s kingdom.

GOD is with us always! He will get you through. Trust him! He loves you so much.

Discouragement: An Effective Weapon Against Ministry

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