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Husband, father, evangelist, guitarist, i was informed I would speak the Truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and was then ordained, and sent, by the Laying in of hands by the senior pastors, elders and presbytery of a church in Ottawa Kansas, CRCC and the founder of HELPS Ministry International, Dr Aston B. Oglesby, who also mentored me until his homecoming. My wife is ordained by HELPS Ministry International and we have been honored to speak, preach and teach in Churches and help in groups such as CAASA and Cherish Center in Iowa, local nursing facilities and the like for the Glory of God alone. She also has performed weddings in her home state of KS. We are glad to be in the fellowship of brothers and sisters in Christ and are available for ceremonies, weddings, and Gospel preaching and also as an equipping ministry for evangelism. YouTube is Evan Conekin,, and an early Gospel message can be found here: God bless and keep you in Jesus name!

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