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I have been born again and serving the Lord since 1993 at the young age of 13. I currently assist lead our church youth ministry; junior and senior high as well as helping in all other needs throughout our assembly; security, usher, children’s ministries and to fill the need wherever it may be.

A Christ centered life is the only real way to experience the fullness that life has to offer, since God is the author of all life. I enjoy Holy Spirit encounters and to share my testimony with others as well as sharing the Gospel being my highest honor and privilege.

Although my formal education is business related as I am wrapping up my Bachelor’s in business and organizational leadership, there are many tools that I have acquired that would equip me to lead and guide from many platforms.

Additionally, I have successfully completed a six month discipleship program through a previous church that has largely contributed to how I live, love, and lead through servant leadership.

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